With the established online video space finding it challenging to generate enough ad revenue, it is increasingly becoming difficult to make a profit. Additionally, there are calls for an alternative option to help us monetize our video content online. Much of this dissatisfaction comes from the centralized nature of our video content management.

It is common knowledge that most of the dominant video sites such as YouTube, Facebook and others tend to overstep their authority. However, that is set to end soon if the adoption of blockchain technology facilitates a more robust video ecosystem. Read on and keep yourself updated on how your videos can earn you cryptocurrency just like any other premium content.

What Is VidGiv?

VidGiv is a blockchain platform for video creators to curate and earns for the content. The venture took notice of the need for a shred economy in order improve interaction and improve on our current video content creation model. It is evident that our video sites are failing regarding user experience and VidGiv wants to give the users power over their video content without a central authority.

The VidGiv ecosystem will, therefore, set to create a content-rich platform that has no censorship, uses cryptocurrency and has no advertiser influence. That makes the venture a first of its kind with viewers and creators the driving force behind the video content economy.

VidGiv Platform Structure

The VidGiv platform will work through a decentralized protocol to connect the peer's datasets. The treaty will further utilize the four main layers to accommodate all the platform's processes. These layers consist of

  • Application layer- as the front end of the platform, this layer will comprise of VidGiv's wallet and browser extension
  • Storage and Index layer- the VidGiv crawler allows for the uploading, indexing and finding the relevant video content. A Storj add-on is also present to let for a selective load of videos by the user.
  • Blockchain layer- the core of the platform will facilitate the VidGiv token transactions and payments within VidGiv.

VIdGiv Decentralized Video Creators Platform Benefits

  • Scalability- with most of our existing video content platforms struggling with the growing numbers of users, VidGiv presents itself as an option which can facilitate decentralized payments and an unlimited number of users and data storage.
  • A file storage system- the VidGiv crawler allows for the user to locate a video, and save it for a later uploading time. Users can integrate this feature with the decentralized cloud storage service on offer within VidGiv.
  • Video indexing- the VidGiv crawler indexes all videos within the platform to allow for a video search engine accessible to everyone.
  • A decentralized payment system- Utilizing the payment system through the blockchain lays a decentralized foundation for the payments to occur within a P2P network.
  • Atomic swaps- VidGiv (VGV) token holders can improvise and exchange their tokens with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

VidGiv VGV ICO Details

You can purchase VGV tokens during the ICO which is ongoing now using Ethereum.

VidGiv Conclusion

Although the use of video content is gaining popularity, there is an increasing dissatisfaction that comes with the monopoly we see in the industry. Such situations are why ventures like VidGiv. Consequently, that means VidGiv does have potential to revolutionize how we get to look at, share, send or appreciate video content. However, the relationship between VidGiv and YouTube could mean more harm than good, and I do not see any positive in the partnership.


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