Viola.AI ICO

Blockchain technology is currently revolutionizing many different markets, but one highly important worldwide market has yet to be targeted by blockchain platform developers- the relationship market. A new blockchain platform, however, is aiming to decentralize the dating app industry with a highly transparent, intelligent, and dynamic AI driven marketplace of dating and relationships.

Viola.AI is an upcoming ICO that is built upon the LunchClick dating platform, which already boasts millions of registered users. The creators of LunchClick are aiming to decentralize their platform and take it onto the blockchain, and are bringing with them a highly intelligent dating AI.

Viola.AI is running an ICO in order to generate the capital necessary to launch, so in this article, we’ll be assessing the Viola.AI platform and learning about the specifics of the upcoming Viola.AI ICO to help you determine whether it’s the right investment choice for you.

What Is Viola.AI?

Viola.AI is a new blockchain concept that combines a powerful artificial intelligence with blockchain architecture and trustless smart contracts in order to create a platform that is intended to revolutionize the current digital dating and relationship paradigm.

Viola.AI is intended to address many of the issues that plague the current dating marketplace. Lack of verification on dating sites has created an environment in which scamming and “catfishing” is rife. Poorly optimized matching algorithms don't match users with ideal profiles, and many dating sites lure in new users by creating fake profiles.

The creators of the Viola.AI platform attribute these issues to the breakdown of romance and communication in marriages. The Viola.AI platform is also intended to function as a resource for individuals seeking advice regarding relationships and dating, as the non-curated nature of information available online currently can be confusing and contradictory.

Viola.AI is built upon the foundation of LunchClick, a dating platform that launched in 2015. The Viola.AI platform will integrate the Viola artificial intelligence, which is promoted as the “world’s smartest love AI”. The Viola.AI network boasts more than 1.1 billion data points, and has already fostered more than 30.1 million matches over 1.4 million users.

The Viola.AI platform has been featured in more than 4,000 different media stories, including CNBC, BBC, and Bloomberg, and has resulted in more than 100,000 dates. The creators of the Viola.AI platform currently operate 4 different dating apps, two online sites, and three offline services, and are active in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan.

Viola.AI Features

Viola.AI offers a wide range of features. Users will be able to seek meaningful and actionable curated dating and relationship advice, as well as access a recommendation based marketplace for curated content, goods, and services.

Importantly, Viola.AI will use visual recognition technology to incorporate Real-ID verification to ensure all users are legitimate, and will use crowd wisdom to deliver support for queries and problems. The entire Viola.AI ecosystem will be run on the Viola Token, a native digital currency that can be managed via platform-based smart contracts and wallets.

The Viola token is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, and is used to pay for goods and services, bid for crowd advice, pay for advertising, and receive rewards for new registrations, referrals, good content, and gamification.

Viola.AI has placed a heavy emphasis on the Viola token as a means of rewarding positive or helpful content, and also uses Viola tokens to reward users for actions. Lastly, the Viola token can be used to access revenue shares for goods and services.

The Viola.AI ICO

The Viola.AI ICO has a hard cap of $17 million USD. During the ICO, Viola tokens will be sold for $0.20 USD each.

14.7% of all Viola tokens will be available in the Viola.AI pre-sale, with a further 35.3% available during the public token sale. 18.5% will be reserved for a public rewards pool, while 1.5% will be reserved for bounties. 20% will be reserved for the Viola.AI company, while the final 10% will be reserved for the Viola.AI team and advisory pool.

Importantly, Viola.AI make a comprehensive white paper and a breakdown of the founders and development team, complete with their experience and social links, available on the Viola.AI website.

Viola AI Verdict

The Viola.AI platform is one of the only projects that is attempting to decentralize dating services and bring them onto the blockchain. As the Viola.AI project is supported by an existing dating application company with a significant amount of success, it’s fairly certain that it’s a legitimate ICO that show a lot of promise. If you’re interested in staying up to date on the Viola.AI ICO launch it’s possible to register on the Viola.AI website.

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