Ever since Amazon pioneered in unveiling Smart Speakers, several other blue-chip brands, including Google and Apple have seemingly delved in. Smart speakers are based on the Smart Home technology and equipped with AI technology to do almost anything you loathe doing. But their efficiency lacks one critical aspect that Vionex VIOX aims to offer.

By issuing instructions to the speaker, it can do menial tasks like locking your door, making calls, switching on/off your lights, etc. And these gadgets are so efficient that you can even answer calls on your behalf. But imagine if instead of shouting, you could easily use a mobile app to issue directions?

Introducing Vionex VIOX

Vionex is a Smart-Home-App designed based on the blockchain technology and made to mimic what the speakers above do and guarantee smart, automated living. The app hopes to build a homely experience that befits the future using automatic control. And the app will be used at home as well as in corporate environments to handle such tasks as security, lighting, heating, and cooling.

The primary use of blockchain technology is to record, spare and manages various activities taking place in the smart environment. Virtually, every action is spared, and the Smart-Home-System detects if the clients would like to see what’s taking place. Everything is displayed at the Vionex Smart Home App with any glitches and imperfections visible for criticism.

The request for assistance via the app is lodged if the hitch is massive and the blockchain innovation thereby acts like a robot to let the issue to be addressed. The procedure is noted and immediately the process of rectifying it begins. The best thing about the app is it grants the user supreme control of the whole framework, and the change can’t be altered even when the technology is decentralized.

Vionex is the Future of Building, Room Automation, and Home Security

Given that the future will be all about smart devices, there’s little doubt, what Vionex is doing is what many other app developers will start soon. It is the future of the building, room automation and home security given that among the tasks the app can do are:

  • Automating your premise’s window blinds, window tinting, controlling lights as well as the heating and cooling system, all possible by just using a Vionex app on your smartphone.
  • Enabling remote locking of doors and windows even when you are away.
  • Controlling ingenious camera systems at your premises.
  • Sending a notification when you are away, and an authorized break-in or fire happens in your home or offices.
  • Using the intelligent smoke detector to distinguish if it’s a fire or smoke and later sending smart alarms.

Why Blockchain Technology in Designing This Smart-Home-App?

  • Blockchain technology is reliable, decentralized, and invulnerable with a cryptographically safe database.
  • Data and instructions entered will never be altered in any way as nobody can hack, fake or bribe their way into the blocks.
  • It supports smart contracts, and all transactional data are available for public scrutiny.

Vionex VIOX ICO Crowdsale Details

The token sale started on December 1st, 2017 and is expected to be over by 1st March 2018.

  • Tokens are ERC20-compliant on Ethereum platform
  • Token symbol – VIOX
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted – ETH, BTC
  • Total coins in supply – 100 million
  • 1 VOIX costs $0.50

Vionex tokens VIOX will primarily fund the project’s development and commercialization, including is a database, online portal, and applications. You can get more from its Whitepaper available in

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