What is Vionex?

Vionex (VIOX) is a Smart-Home-App with a home system based on blockchain technology for automated, smart living. It aims to build a home for the future with fully automated control encompassing every aspect of living.

Users can manage their home, control or hire a building for each company. Both users and companies have access with all information concerning security, lighting, heating and cooling as they are all recorded on the blockchain. Users therefore are able to customize the Vionex home management system as they wish for it to function.

The Future of Building and Room Automation

  • Fully automated blinds with full control via smartphone or tablet
  • Automatic window tinting in case of disturbing, excessive sunlight
  • Automated controllable lighting with on and off function when entering or leaving the room
  • Automated heating system with on and off function when entering or leaving premises
  • Intelligent cooling system
  • Automatic night cooling if required

The Future of Building and Home Security

  • Remote locking system for door and window with smartphone or tablet
  • Clever new camera systems enhanced with blockchain technology
  • Special settings allows special security when you are on vacation, such as direct notification to the police at burglary or the fire department at fire
  • Intelligent smoke detector system, which can distinguish between steam and smoke

Highly Intelligent Alarm System

The Vionex system records every setting and every order on the blockchain, ensuring maximum automation. Users will be able to adjust and overwrite the settings stored on the blockchain, allowing autonomous, absolute control over all home appliances. With the help of Smart contract, this facilitates, verifies, enforces orders and the execution of a contract in an automatic and transparent way. It is backed by a multi-sig-authentication system that prevents any alteration of vital signs.

In addition, the smart app is highly intuitive, usable on all devices and comes with many great features. The app has access to camera systems, automation and smoke detection systems.

The VIOX token will have a fixed supply of 100,000,000. The overall supply of VIOX will slowly decrease over time as tokens are withdrawn from use, for example, if someone with VIOX loses their private key. Therefore, VIOX will be effectively deflationary. As soon as Vionex receives VIOX for services rendered, the tokens will be re-marketed.

The tokens are to be used as subscription/transaction fee on the platform, commission for paid services, commission for mediation and customer introduction and as currency for purchase of Vionex Smart Home. Token holders will also be able to avail a 10% discount on purchase of Vionex products.

The Team

  • Peter Collin – Chief Executive Officer
  • George Hall – Chief Operating Officer
  • Aaron Rosenberg – Chief Product Officer
  • Dalvin Patel – Chief Technology Officer
  • Cara Stone – Software Engineer

Vionex ICO Details

  • Platform – Ethereum(ERC20)
  • Crowdsale – December 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017
  • Hard cap – 70,000,000 VIOX
  • Accepted Currencies – BTC and ETH
  • Minimum Investment – 0.5 ETH

Vionex Verdict

The whitepaper could have gone into greater detail as to how the automation would be implemented at the ground level, maybe by way of a graphical illustration of the app. For such an ambitious project which proposes fully automated homes, there's not sufficient proof of its viability. The soft cap is also quite low for an undertaking of this magnitude.

ICO Rating – 2.5/5

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