Bitcoin is an amazing digital currency. A few decades ago, nobody would imagine that computer would ‘mint’ money. Today, it is possible to purchase Bitcoin farm and create a funnel for a passive income. However, it is not that easy. Mining Bitcoin requires top-notch skills and experience in computers. Ability to set up computers is not a requirement when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. Several limitations can hamper your success in Bitcoin mining. For example, you need uninterruptible internet access.

Since 2016, VIP-Miners have been committed to professional Bitcoin mining. Their offices are equipped with relevant machines, trained staff, and uninterruptible internet success. They are confident in their operations and success, which is why they are expanding their computing power. With the rising value of Bitcoin, every day of mining brings profit. As Bitcoin races toward the 20,000-dollar mark, VIP-Miners seek to expand permanently. If you are concerned about a carefree future, it is time to invest in Bitcoin and face the future with confidence.

VIP Miners—Your Questions Answered

How Do You Charge Profits?

VIP-Miners charge profits automatically, based on the investment plan you have chosen.

What Is The Minimum Amount To Deposit/Withdraw?

The minimum deposit is $10 while the minimum withdrawal amount is $0.01.

What Are The Requirements For Investors?

First, you need to register on the website, VIP Management Int. The registration process is simple and takes roughly 2-3 minutes. Fill in all the required fields, choose the optimal investment plan, and open a deposit account. Once you complete these steps, your funds will begin to work and yield a profit.

How Can I Increase The Security Of My Account?

VIP-Miners guarantee the security of your account. The website VIP Management LTD is protected from any level of attack. All information on the website is encoded using SSL Certificate. Besides, all payments going through the electronic payment system have their own protection. You can improve the security of your account from the profile tab, by including a complex password.

Besides, the company recommends that you download the latest version of your computer’s operating system. This is important whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, or a mobile device. For virus protection, you should have an antivirus program to shield your machine against any attack. You should also use different passwords for your email and websites. More importantly, you should not store your password in text format and avoid uploading suspicious files from untrusted sources

VIP Miners Packages

The company offers various investment packages as follows:

Starter Package

  • 7% daily at 0.29% per hour
  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Terms of deposit—22 days
  • Total profit 154%
  • Deposit amount back

Basic Package

  • 10% daily profit at 0.4166% per hour
  • Minimum deposit $100
  • Terms of Deposit 22 days
  • Total profit 220%
  • Deposit amount back

Standard Package

  • 260% after 20 days
  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Terms of deposit 20 days
  • Total profit 260%
  • Deposit amount back

Premium Package

  • 360% after 18 days
  • Minimum deposit $100
  • Terms of deposit 18 days
  • Total profit 360%
  • Deposit amount back

In addition to the packages, the company offers a 100-dollar bonus for partners after registration. Every partner is entitled to the bonus.

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