They claim that Get Vipe is the new payment system of the world. And that on the company website you can see the white paper, one pager, buy tokens and see the actual ICO page. All you have to do to initially get started with the company is to subscribe to them with your email. The first sale of the company is nearly completed, and only has about 12 hours to go from the time you’ve read this listing.

How Does Get Vipe Work?

The platform is an innovative new system that is designed for the way the world is evolving. And it even has its own server systems for providing blockchain technologies to Vipers. The wallet used by Viper is a new alternative way to store your Vipe, Bitcoin, or Ether and it will have an immediate exchange,as well as have its own VipeCare and Vipe Mobile App.

When you go through the process of processing transactions, you can accept a wide range of different currencies for payments. Vipe, Bitcoin, and Ether will carry no transaction fees with them. And you can even use all the features of the Vipe Panel on your browser.

This operation is basically the opposite of a what a bank does with traditional cryptocurrency systems. You don’t have to wait for your Vipe transaction to be confirmed. And the entire process only takes a matter of a couple seconds for the transaction to be completed.

When you’re a Viper, AKA Vipe User, you have your wallet and you can spend as much as you want out of your wallet for your daily needs. There is no credit card information or personal information required while you spend your Vipe Coins.

The company is safe and secure, using the highly anticipated, ultra-secure Vipe system. The servers and apps under the control of the company run 365 days a year. And the transactions are said to be lightning fast, with transactions of Vipe being extremely fast because of the sophisticated technology used to build the system.

And there are no fees whatsoever when using Vipe. The transactions for the VPE, BTC and ETH are free from any costs, meaning you pay nothing at all. The system will be available on multiple platforms, like your Mac or PC and android/iOS devices as well as any tablet. Plus, with the P2p Enterprise chain, which is a centralized blockchain system, they can perform transactions much faster and easier than ever before.

The platform uptime is 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and they promise that it’s able to use all the specs of the platform at all times. Vipe is also designed for simplicity and ease of use, the webs services and mobile applications are fully designed to be especially useful and easy to use.

There is also a new solution that has been developed to help with receiving payments through the Vipe System that is said to be more effective than anything seen before. And it works with any shop that you can use Vipe at. Every detail has been backed up, and each user’s balance plus transaction has a history and is backed up all the time, Vipe also, guarantees that if any one loses money, or any kind of loss while on the platform, that they will be compensated as long as the loss is not started from the user.

You can use Vipe for your business and accept fiat instantly with completely secure payments in a matter of seconds. And there will be no transaction fees if you use VPE, BTC or ETH. Also, the exchange makes the listed currencies interchangeable instantly, and with fiat also. And businesses as well as users on the platform can easily make exchanges without tech knowledge or knowhow. And you can even start your own ICO on the platform, plus get it listed on the Vipe Exchange immediately before you have raised any funds.

You can learn the roadmap for the company by going to, where you can see a massive roadmap of everything the company has to offer and when they project to release each part of the platform, it’s primarily for users who have invested with them.

What Is The ICO On Get Viper?

The tier 1 amount is 15,000,000 and 1 Vipe coin = $0.25. As for the Tier 2 amount, is set at 20,000,000 and 1 Vipe = $30. The third tier of the platform is set at 25,000,000 and 1 Vipe will equal $1.40. The Pre-Investment of the ICO has now been collect and is moving on to the next phase.

And by investing into Vipe or joining their ICO – you will instantly become a part of the VIPE team. The token distribution for the company is 45% of the ICO token sale, 25% goes to pre-investors and the VIPE team, there will be another 15% allocate to be used as a free reserve, that operates for back drop and the airdrop program. And the pre-ICO Token sale gets another 15% of the total tokens being distributed.

The ICO Tiers operate entirely different, the pre-ICO has 15,000,000 VPE and the ICO Tier1 has 20,000,000 VPE as well as another 25,000,000 being available for the 3rd tier of the ICO. When it comes to the funds of the company, 30% is going to research and development. 25% will be dedicated to the integration cost for businesses. And then there will be 20% given to the marketing team and another 15% going to additional cost, not sure what that is by the way.

Lastly the airdrop program, it will be used evenly across five different social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Video Sharing, the company Blog, and lastly Bitcoin Talk with each of the different sectors getting an even 20%. You can see more details about the ICO on the company website, and it’s excellent for the digital world.

Who Is Behind Get Vipe?

The main problem with VIPE is that the team is completely undisclosed. They haven’t released any information on who is running the show either. There is no listing of advisors or how the responsibilities are being distributed while building the platform. And when it comes to where the company headquarters are located, that has also been withheld, these are some of the worst red flags you can see on a new company. Any startup should by right disclose any and all information about the company, its headquarters, the founders and who is on the team as well as any advisors who are pushing the project forward.

Get Vipe In Conclusion

The system sounds great, it’s really similar to a lot of other platforms on the market right now. They have some cool features like Vipe, promise to be the best of the best in terms of fees and transactions speeds, but all of them are pretty much the same. And the sad thing is, most of them have no information on the teams operating them. Get Vipe is like this is as well and until the company makes an indication as to who they are, there isn’t much trust that can be given to them.

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