As cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin increase in popularity, there is a higher demand for them. But sometimes it is complicated to have access to them. That is the reason why Virtual Crypto has decided to invest in the latest Bitcoin ATMs – also known as BTM.

What Is Virtual-Crypto?

Virtual Crypto describes itself as an industry leader provider of virtual currency ATMs and other services.

According to the ‘About Us’ description of the company, Virtual Crypto’s mission is to provide every person and business with access to Cryptocurrency financial services that are instant, secure and easy to use.

Virtual Crypto is working in order to give access to individuals to alternative financial services and secure to use technologies.

Even when cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin expand, there is a lack of information about how to buy and purchase virtual currencies. But Virtual Crypto aims to end this problem with the latest ATMs in the industry.

Virtual-Crypto Trading Platform Goal

With the new machines that Virtual Crypto has developed, the intention is to provide an easy and user friendly way to buy virtual currencies. With Virtual Crypto individuals and interested people will be able to turn cash into BTC in a matter of seconds with the best rates. In this way, buying virtual currencies with cash will be much easier for everyone.

Who Is Behind Virtual-Crypto?

Virtual Crypto has a team of 12 members that have several years of experience in different fields.

Yair Fudin is the Chairman of the board and CEO of Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc. He has more than 30 years in investment companies and on-hand with capital markets. Mr. Fudin has also a track record of promotions and involvement in several different public companies as Inbar Group, Dolomite Holdings, and S.R. Accord.

Alon Dayan is the CEO of Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. And BOD member of Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc. He has experience in the private military and security industry and will be working as strategic executive at Virtual Crypto. He was the Regional Director-Sales of defence electronics company Elbit Systems and CEO of a cybersecurity company.

Simon Danilov is the CTO of Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. He has 20 years of experience in overall software architecture and design. Mr Danilov managed major algorithm development teams based on big data analysis and delivered the full integration of software.

Gadi Levin is the CFO of Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc. and Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. He has 20 years of experience in the financial industry.

Other team members are Royi Ithzak, Frank Afriat, Rotem Finkelman, Guy Corem, Guy Amir, Ofer Rotem, Or Alkin, and Eyal Ben Ami.

Virtual-Crypto NetoBit Conclusion

Virtual Crypto is a company that is trying to bring cryptocurrencies closer to individuals. The intention is to make a product that will allow people to easily buy virtual currencies in the market.

The company does not provide enough information about the products, about the business plans, or any white paper or roadmap. There is no clear description of the products, and he website has been built in a very poor way. Compared to other companies, Virtual Crypto is way behind and needs to improve its profile.

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