ICO is emerging as an efficient and effective way to fund raise a project. This has provided upcoming companies and startups to escape the stranglehold of VCs and other lending or investing firms. This change is obviously reflected in numbers. In the third quarter of 2017, ICO funding raised $1.2 billion when VC funding was mere $156 million.

However, there is a major problem in the present ICO model. Owners of tokens are not shareholders of the company and thus do not have any influence on the decision making process. Level of confidence in ICOs is pretty low, the ICO market has gotten overheated and the general public is prone to be falling in the general hypes and trends.

The Virus project wants to bring a revolution in the present way of conducting ICOs.

What Is VirUS?

Virus project is an essential problem for the changing ICO market. ICO is a tool for quick attracting capital from unknown persons in order to provide them with future services or digital currencies. Not everyone is competent enough or has enough time to do an in-depth analysis of the ICO market and thus most people fall for speculations. Hundreds of thousands of investors are losing funds. They strive to change this gloomy perspective of the market situation by doing things differently.

VirUS Products

They have created three products on the basis of the VIRUS projects:


It is an independent commercial investment platform for creation and promotion of ICO projects which are of high-quality and highly secure for investors. This project will not only be a technical tool but also solve most legal, organizational and marketing problems, both for the investors of ICO and for the teams preparing the launch of their own fundraising offerings.


This is an analytical product whose main task is to process information files and analytical data from the maximum number of sources related to the cryptocurrency market and to identify, through the sociological analysis, current and future financial trends. The input information analysis will be carried out not by software or any other automated interfaces, but by a community of people.


V-Team is somewhat of a private investment club for Virus project. To establish trust, members in the club guarantee in the future, the receipt of a certain percentage of tokens from all ICO projects created on the basis of the V-center platform and of a fraction of revenue obtained from the V-into implementation. Essentially, all the members of the V-team club do not just support the Virus project but become its beneficiaries for the whole period of its existence.

VirUS VIS Aggressive Token Sale (ATS)

A distinctive feature of ATS is the creation of maximum interest of all participants in a favorable completion of the fundraising process. The key difference between and ICO is that project investors by buying its tokens can obtain a significant profit during the ATS. It will be carried out as a series of individual rounds, with a result of 80,000,000 tokens of the proposed project is sold. Initial token price is 0.000001 BTC and number of planned rounds are 20.

ICO is scheduled to start on April 3rd, 2018 and will last for about 3 months. Bitcoin and Ethereum can be used to purchase tokens in the ICO with the minimum purchase amount of 1 token.

75% of the raised funds will be used in product development and creation of the project infrastructure, 15% in the creation of the legal framework of the project and 10% in the promotion of the project after the launch.

VirUS Conclusion

ATS is an attractive new method to conduct ICO. If you want to learn more about the product, or ATS you can check them out on their website .

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