Vitalik Buterin: Many Changes In The Community

On Twitter, Vitalik Buterin was asked about the “biggest changes” that have taken places in the Ethereum Foundation in the last 15 months. The inquiry arose after Buterin posted a tweet stating that Ethereum has undergone many changes.

In response, Buterin discussed four points that have been developing in the space. He wrote:

  • Casper/sharding spec roughly finished, now in refinement stages.
  • 4+ implementations of the spec will underway.
  • Many implementations of plasma well underway.
  • ZK-SNARK-based layer 2 scaling and privacy well underway. It’s a night-and-day difference from 2017.

A twitter-goer replied, “Insanely exciting time to be here.”

Since Vitalik announced the Ethereum 2.0 Vision, there have been several development teams, including Sigma Prime, Prysmatic Labs, Rocket Pool, Status and PegaSys. The teams have been working to develop Casper and sharding clients. Further, Prysmatic Labs recently announced that it is releasing ad emo version of Sharding Client, called Prysm v0.0.0.

Rocket Pool developers have also been discussing that Ethereum 20.0 may be able to develop new economic systems and become a hub for global collaboration. The Ethereum community itself is also preparing for the Constantinople Hard Fork, which may be released after the Ethereum Devcon 4 event.

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