What Is Vitarecord?

Vitarecord is a cloud recorder that is used to record life and the activities undertaken in audio form. It is a wearable gadget that is used for voice recording in the lifelong. Through Vitarecord, one is able to record and analyze their entire life making it more safe and efficient. The recordings made are saved in the cloud automatically hence kept for future reference. The records made are easily managed from the server by use of a mobile application or through a browser. New capabilities are opened up for people by being given the technical capability of recording their life.

Vitarecord Life Logging Token Cloud Recorder Concept

Through the recording, one can be able to protect themselves from injustice and aggression that may be presented to them and be able to prove their cases through the audio evidence they possess. Through Vitarecord, one can keep recordings, use it for remembering events in the past, and even listen back to the information passed. Transmission of information from the original source through speech, listening to your side of the story, and being responsible for your own words and deeds are some of the provisions of the platform.

Vitarecord works in such a way that the audio that is recorded in different segments is send to the server immediately and stored for future reference. The user then can easily delete the recording from their device after it is transmitted. The audio is safely stored on the device even without Internet connection. Through the device, one can start recording endlessly and at the same time listen to audio stored in the cloud by use of the personal cabinet in the mobile application without interrupting the ongoing record.

Vitarecord Mobile Application

Vitarecord can also be used in a mobile phone through its mobile application, which allows users to start or stop the recording process at any time and be able to select the personal storage of the recording from any device in order to maintain privacy. Through the application, one can send the audio to different people through email and share selected audios in social sites while monitoring the gadget's battery charge.

Benefits Of Vitarecord


The first benefit that one gets by using the gadget is the protection against injustice. Scammers and manipulators will not be able to blackmail you for mercenary purposes once they know you are using Vitarecord. Users will always have proof kept in form of audio recordings for every conversation between them and the dishonest people. This will ensure a lot of time used for arguments is saved and used for purposes that are more useful.


Vitarecord is an opportunity for users to develop themselves and in turn improve their own efficiency. It is an opportunity to unwind the previous recordings and films done by the user. Through tracking records of conversations of scenes that are done in the past, one is given a chance to work on mistakes that they may have made, be able to realize the shortcomings and work on the weaknesses for personal growth.


Vitarecord is an opportunity for people to be the first to start using a trend that will become phenomenal in the near future and the most common form of keeping records and evidence.

Vitarecord LLT Token ICO Details

The ICO is set to roll out in 3 stages:

  • Pre-ICO: 500 thousand tokens to be sold for at $ 0.05ea
  • ICO Round 1: 5 million tokens to be sold at $ 0.10ea
  • ICO Round 2: 60 million tokens to be sold at $ 0.15ea

The dates are yet to be announced. You can sign up on their website to be notified by email.

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