Viva is a brand-new decentralized home loan financing platform. More specifically, the platform is designed as a mortgage and crowdlending platform that runs directly on blockchain technology. If you go to the company website, then you can contribute or learn more about the system through reading the whitepaper.

What Is Viva?

Viva is a brand-new network that will help anyone who is interested in the industry of real estate. It connects home buyers with the best investors who are most likely to purchase a piece of property. Viva has a wide range of benefits that buyers and investors will appreciate.

For one, the platform uses a proprietary smart contract. And it is powered via a powerful crowdlending platform, made up of the most advanced technology that will enable homebuyers the ability to obtain real fiat currency and home loans.

How Does Viva Work?

The platform is operated on a borderless and decentralized financing company for home loans that has been developed to eliminate the need to rely on middlemen like financial institutions and banks as well financial intermediaries.

Viva will be used to create a brand-new market in the lending/mortgage industry. The purpose is to reduce the inefficiencies the industry has while making it more affordable to buy homes.

This is the fist time, Viva allows private investors who are accredited to purchase high-end profitable, asset orients FMS (Fractionalized Mortgage Shares). This also helps to innovate applications that have been designed to improve the current state and traditional credit scoring and appraisal procedures, often time outdated.

Viva is here to be part of the revolution of mortgage financing is finally here. You can contribute now at the company website. There is a wealth of different documents that are available for the platform, like the: whitepaper, token generation event, terms & conditions, privacy policy, and crowdlending code preview.

Innovation is the key to Viva, the financial technology used on the system is purposefully used to bring larger decentralized mortgages to the people of the world. The platform initiates smart contracts for use of funding home loans through crowdsales. And then it connects the investors with the borrowers p2p on the decentralized, trustless tech platform. Leveraging the blockchain’s unbeatable security is the key to large transactions. And by cutting out the middleman like Viva does, the lending process becomes more profitable than ever before.

The company enables the free market to pick the going rate of interest a mortgage carries for the borrower. The need to have a bank or other financial service middleman is eliminated through the process and so are local financial institutions. Rates on the mortgage loans will naturally become fairer, reflecting the risk associated with it accurately in accordance to the assets true value.

When the banks failed in 2008, they brought with them one of the world’s first cryptocurrencies and started the process of decentralizing financial conglomerates power. Viva is now looking for ways to finish the process, thereby taking all power from the older, traditional and completely outdated financing systems – to leave them in the past, where they have belonged for a very long time.

What is the Viva (VIVA Token) ICO?

The current round is the private contribution round in which contributors get a 40% bonus on tokens when they invest. The round has a cap of 25,000,000 Viva/500 ETH. The exchange rate right now is 50,000 VIVA to one Ether. There are significantly more details on the token generation on the company website.

Also, anyone who is looking to invest may want to take a look at the roadmap placed on the company website. It has a full list of the vision and goal of the company and how they plan on achieving it. Bby keeping track of their progress in relation to their predictions, you can more accurately gauge how on point and effective the team behind the company is.

Who is Behind Viva?

There is a big team on the platform of fourteen individuals from various spaces related to the platform’s needs. All of them have verified LinkedIn profiles where you can learn more about the individual in question. There isn’t much information on the website for each person, but the LinkedIn profile links are enough for me in most aspects.

Viva (VIVA Token) In Conclusion

The platform is being designed to revolutionize the real estate industry. By way of smart contracts and blockchain technology, VIVA is planning on eliminating the banks, financial institutions and other middlemen to help the buyer and seller profit more. At the same time, they are looking to end the old ways of operation in terms of mortgages and loans. VIVA is a very real platform with a real team and probably one of the better ICOs to keep an eye on at this current date and time.

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