What Is Vivalid?

The technology has been developed to serve as a way for people to find information about the value of items. Vivalid is built on blockchain technology and information on the platform is provided from experts in the related fields. Not only that, but they work with proof of ownership that has been verified. You can also signup for the ICO whitelist newsletter on the company website. After signing up for the newsletter, you’ll receive up to date information about the token pre-sale event. All you need to do to sign up to the event is enter your email address on the company website and sign in.

How ViValid Blockchain Proof Of Ownership Collectables Works

Most people have experienced what it’s like to find something of value, but not know what to do with it. The service is provided to help people determine the worth of their valuables in a completely objective and professional way. Often, the treasures found, or valuables you collect are worth more than you realize. These precious objects can even be found inside your garage or basement. It doesn’t matter what type of item it is, every niche of items has special ones that are considered valuable by people who collect those types of objects.

In most cases, you would have to perform extensive research to find out what an items worth is. Even research isn’t always accurate, causing a person to sell an item for far less than it’s worth. Personal research also isn’t enough to convince a pawn whop owner of an items potential worth. The point being, if you want to prove somethings worth, you must get an assessment from an accredited expert in any given field of industry.

Vivalid was created to eliminate the challenges associated with determining the value of an object. The only thing you must do with the platform, is take pictures of an item, then send them in for the initial assessment of the objects worth. There is only a small fee associated with finding an items value when using the system.

Once an object is sent in for assessment, you’ll get back the opinions of several different experts and collectors or a fraction of the standard costs of services of this nature. Anyone who is given authority to assess and item is selected randomly but must first pass different tests to prove their ability to assess an objects value.

ViValid VIV Token ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: VIV
  • Token Sale Starts: Q3 2017
  • Token Sale Ends: Q2 2018
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 1800 ViV
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 16,000,000 ViV
  • Hard Cap: 105,000,000 VIV

The system works with a proof of validation protocol, it has been designed to provide a way to distribute validation of the object and to validate jobs as well. All of this done within the decentralized blockchain based network. The purpose is to help ensure tokens flow between users on the system. You can also see a full roadmap of the system on the company website at Results are that the system gives accurate details on where the company is headed over the course of the next few years, complete with the strategies Vivalid plans on using to make their goals happen.

Who Is Behind ViValid?

The team consists of a network of twelve different individuals from around the world who are working together to bring you the platform. There are complete LinkedIn Profiles for each of them, verifiable to ensure they are real people who can help move the company forward.

ViValid Conclusion

Vivalid is a service built on the blockchain technology, developed to be the connective bridge between individuals seeking information about the protentional value of items in hand, from experts in the appropriate field.

If you feel that Vivalid is the right application for you, you don’t need to search for guides, online auctions or experts in the market. All you need do is send in a photo to Vivalid from your mobile phone, then you can send them to the blockchain based system for the initial estimate on the value of an object.

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