Vizsafe is a project whose mission is to empower everyone in the world to partake in the safety of their communities and the facilities where they visit, live, work, and play. It now has plans to utilize the blockchain to reward users for doing the right thing.

What Is Vizsafe?

Fake news often starts online. However, it usually has severe consequences for those in the real world. While social media sites are working on eliminating fake news online, there needs to be a way to mitigate its effect on the real world. That is where Vizsafe comes in with their platform that allows people on the ground to report on the accuracy of information. It is information, which if left unchecked, would lead to severe consequences.

The Real Impact Of Fake News

Recently, it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica might have been responsible for the manipulation of voters in the US Presidential Election. It has led to intense scrutiny on Facebook as a distributor of Fake News.

While misinformation on the internet is nothing new, there is a danger that it is having a real impact on people and businesses. In the UK, this has led to legislation, which if passed, could lead to hefty fines for social media sites if they do not take it down fast enough.

Current Vizsafe Blockchain Crowdsourcing Safety Network Solution

Vizsafe currently utilizes a solution that allows it to mitigate risk with real-time intelligence. It is already used is some of the world’s most important facilities such as schools, sports venues, municipalities, and many others. Users of Vizsafe can post and share incident reports using their phones. They are also able to attach photos, messages, and videos. The result is that customers of the platform have total awareness.

Vizsafe SPOT Token

With the use of the Blockchain, Vizsafe is creating a token, which will lead to a decentralized ledger of crowdsourced safety reports globally. With the SPOT token, users will be incentivized to upload reports of a given facility, municipality, or on a given issue. When a problem has been addressed, the member of a given organisation can flag it as resolved using the app. If the report was legitimate, the person who uploaded it is awarded the SPOT token. It will encourage even more people to report the truth.

Social Media Can Only Do So Much

While social networks will have the duty of policing their platforms, Vizsafe is well-placed to deal with the real world. For instance, people on the ground can upload images of incidents to give first responders a clear picture of what is happening. It is better than relying on hearsay and rumors.

Other use cases would be reporting general hazards such as fallen trees on power lines, pollution spills, broken glass on the sidewalks, or even lost pets. It will eventually have the effect of improving the well-being of the community. Vizsafe is simply trying to create a credible solution compared to other online sources.

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