What Is VL Coin?

VL Coin is a disruptive decentralized blockchain platform made for both governments and non-governmental organizations to facilitate the transparent management of funds. Using a tokenized coin, the project aims to achieve fast, reliable and affordable payments for its members across the globe via peer-to-peer connections. An archetypal blockchain project, VL Coin is fully decentralized and accessible to all members.

Security is among the top priorities for the VL Coin platform, which is why the system uses mathematically advanced algorithms to safeguard the network.  Besides impenetrable security features, the VL Coin boasts of other advantages such as universal accessibility, faster verification times, affordability and superior storage capabilities.

The VL Coin token receives sound backing from industrial assets, which when coupled up with high trade volumes and the subsequent liquidity make  it a viable medium of trading against other altcoins. Essentially, the token leverages the incredible abilities of blockchain technology.

How VL Coin India's Virtual Laxmi Cryptocurrency Works

Usually, the organizations targeted by the VL Coin project handle large amounts of money. Unfortunately, such money is usually subjected to embezzlement and other acts of corruption. Using the current infrastructure, it is hard to trace how the cash is utilized, especially given the fact that fraudsters often go overboard to cover their heinous actions.

As mentioned earlier, the VL Coin project will rely on the features of blockchain technology to increase accountability and transparency in the management of organization funds. In this regard, VL Coin will develop an online public portal through which interested parties and donors can track the utilization of the donated monies. Furthermore, the donations will be made using ERC20 smart contracts which are  under the Ethereum blockchain. Such contracts are renowned for being unalterable and incontrovertible, an aspect that will enhance the public's trust in non-profit foundations.

VL Coin VLCN ICO Details

The VL Coin crowdsale is already underway, having started on the 15th February, 2018. Instead if the usual two phases, the pre-sale and ICO, the VL crowdsale uses a multi-phased approach. Over the period between 15th February to 25th April 2018, there will be four different stages of the ICO. During these phases, the price of the VL Coin will gradually increase.

The proceeds from the ICO will mainly go towards sales and marketing as well as research and development. This shows that VL Coin is determined to improve service delivery and ready to venture into new markets.

VL Coin Roadmap

The VL Coin project started way back in 2013. However, the first three years mainly involved planning and developing conceptual designs. In 2017, the project reached a significant milestone, the development of a working prototype. This was after the establishment of  a viable business strategy by the project’s founders.

This year, VL Coin announced an impending crowdsale, an event that started in mid February. After the fundraiser, the project will embark on further research on how to implement and improve their services. According to projections, VL Coin intends to have at least five prominent client organizations by the end of next year, 2019.

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