Technology has significantly altered how we travel compared to how it was in the past. Rapid advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the autonomous vehicle industry have widely impacted on the transportation infrastructure globally. Nevertheless, there still exist numerous challenges within the transport industry such as traffic jams and pollution. The existing systems are inadequate to address these issues effectively, and that’s where VMC Core comes in with its use of a decentralized solution.

About VMC

VMC is a new blockchain platform that is designed for mobility services.  Through it, transportation services will improve significantly and become more effective and anonymous.


It’s the first open-source distributed ledger that’s created for the improvement of transportation infrastructure. Being decentralized in nature, it allows developers and organizations to build DApps that provide various transportation services including ridesharing and public transport. It also offers car manufactures the unique opportunity to better manage data by using its framework along with Local Area Blockchains. It’s fueled by the VAI token.


It’s an open marketplace that’s built on the foundations of VMC CORE where developers, organizations and other agencies can make mobility DApps on that offer transportation services to people. It’s all open source, and it also has a backend for business rules, an API, wallets and mobile apps.


It’s a platform specifically for autonomous vehicles. It’s more effective than other frameworks and eases data management through consuming fewer data and enhancing system communication between cars. Autonomous cars share validated information with each other. The VMC DRIVE reduces the complexity of the algorithms that control autonomous vehicles by significantly reducing the bandwidth and increasing the effectiveness of the data generated and needed by the autonomous cars.

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VAI Token

The VAI token acts as an incentive to encourage participation in the autonomous mobility economy. It’s also used as the medium of transaction within the VMC network. People and companies can generate VAI by connecting their vehicles to the network.

Why Choose VMC

Open Marketplace

The VMC marketplace is open and free for all. There’s no dealing with intermediaries when it comes to paying for services as payment is made directly to the owner of the vehicle. Anyone can earn VAI tokens by connecting their vehicle to the VMC network and availing it for mobility services within the network.

Travel Anonymous

VMC believes in prioritizing privacy and as such everyone is in charge of their own data. VMC’s blockchain-based platform guarantees anonymity. Due to its distributed ledger based foundation for self-sovereign identity, users have full control over their personal data.

Efficient Transport

VMC has Node Swarms which enable rapid communication between cares in groups. Local Area Blockchains (LAB) validate the data and would allow vehicles to drive and navigate better. Vehicles cooperate to reduce traffic jams and accidents.

Build DApps

The VMC platform is a fully open source and encourages mobility innovations by enabling developers to build on the VMC API and to use their own smart contracts and tokens.

Token Details And Information

  • Token symbol: VAI
  • 1 VAI =  € 0.0571
  • Total supply: 700,000,000 VAI
  • Soft cap: € 4,500,000
  • Target: € 20,500,000

Token Distribution

  1. Public token sale – 40%
  2. Private token sale – 15%
  3. Team tokens – 15%
  4. Future funding – 15%
  5. Platform initiatives – 8%
  6. Advisors – 5%
  7. Open source bounty – 2%

Funds Allocation

  1. Research and development – 45%
  2. Marketing – 20%
  3. Legal – 20%
  4. Partnerships – 10%
  5. Operational costs – 5%

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