With the rapid growth in the crypto market, there have been different types of investment opportunities that present itself. Each offering various services based on your current location, just to make your trading experience much more comfortable and fruitful. Well, we have good news for all the Vietnamese investors.

There is a new promising platform that has just popped up, and it is our responsibility, to our readers, to inform you of such opportunities. If you have been struggling with the crypto market without having a proper trading platform, well we are here to tell you those days are now over. It is all thanks to the VNDC platform.

Let us explore this new investment opportunity that has presented itself.

What Is VNDC Vietnamese Cryptocurrency?

The platform is a blockchain based digital asset that can replace USDT for the various Vietnamese investor out there. The company has also offered a guaranteed payment in most of the reputable banks available, that is 1 VND is 1 VND.

The VNDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DAMH, Digital Asset Management Holding. The company is applying the blockchain technology, with the hopes of using the Stellar platform, for there management.

The particular property VNDC is leased, so as a tenant you will be required to make a deposit that is equivalent to the VND which has been stipulated in the VNDC contract. From here you will be entitled to doing a transfer, such as transferring your assets to other users on the same platform when you won’t need to use the VND. You are also able to receive some VND deposit in your account.

VNDC Offers Its Users Technology Solutions

The company has developed a VNDC wallet application; it is to ensure your transitions are smooth and also enjoyable while on the platform. As a result, this application comes with several advantages that you should be aware of.

The application has been designed with a connecting system; this means you can link it with organizations and banks, this is both VISA and Master. As a result, you can transfer, use your card to make a payment or recharge the application via the internet banking option.

You will also be able to link this application with other digital assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, just to name a few. The application is able to convert for you to the real-time pricing easily. It also has an integrated Tap and Go solution, this all thanks to the NFC chip. It also has a built-in Scan and Go solution that has a square QR code.

Did we forget to mention that the application is also able to link with your Visa or even M-Visa, well it can with just simple steps. The list is endless on the advantages the application is able to offer you, plus many more value-added services that have been provided by various third parties.

VNDC USDT Asset Investing Coin Conclusion

The VNDC project is coming soon in the month of March, so as Vietnamese investors looking for a promising project to get into, we suggest that you keep an eye on this particular one. The company has clearly taken the necessary steps in ensuring transaction in the crypto market is made more accessible, if the advantages of the application did not blow your mind then we suggest you browse through the site a little more as this is one investment opportunity to look out for.

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