What Is Vocean?

Vocean ecosystem is an inter-chain financial contract infrastructure and marketplace. According to the structure of the platform, everyone can issue, trade, and serve all types of financial contract. Importantly, the platform is the most transparent, formal, autonomous, and open inter-chain community.

Vocean is committed to disrupting crypto finance through:

  • Credit enhancement: the team behind the platform believes that Project + Credit Enhancement = Minimized Default.
  • Financial contract framework: this works through Market Price Discovery, Standardized Terms, and Autonomous Execution.
  • Hybrid Portfolio of Financial Contracts: this entails cash flow projecting and integrating risk management.

Vocean Blockchain Finance And Crypto Bond Ecosystem Features

Vocean platform embraces the following features:

Fixed Income Derivatives

This solves the market pain point arising from lack of fixed asset derivatives in the crypto market. Vocean provides a suitable platform for bonds, loans, options, and other derivatives, which the market needs urgently.

Hedging Infrastructure

This entails providing financial institutions with appropriate risk hedging tools to handle the needs of basic risk management. It solves a big concern for traditional institutions to get a breakthrough into the blockchain market.

Credit Rating System

This entails Project Disclosure and Rating Mechanism for bond issuance. This will improve the attention of quality projects and provide them with refinancing channels.

Disintermediate Financial System

The platform is designed to eliminate traditional intermediaries such as brokers, underwriters, and clearinghouses. This reduces transaction costs and increases market information transparency.

Dynamic Collateral Management

Vocean responds quickly to market price changes with built-in, multi-layer safeguards that reduce counter-party and operational risks.

Autonomous Execution

The platform developed a smart contract system for crypto management, which allows the performance of credible transactions without involving third parties.

Vocean Pillars

Financial Contract Platform

Vocean provides the infrastructure to issue and serve financial contracts. The platform enables users to develop financial contracts with one or more counter-parties in different types such as bond, option, or derivative. Vocean uses blockchain smart contracts to streamline and enforce all its financial contracts.

Blockchain Contract Marketplace

Vocean provides a network for market participants to trade Vocean financial contracts. Traders, market makers, and investors have the opportunity to trade crypto bonds and other financial products on the platform with improved liquidity.

It is also possible to estimate future cash flows in given circumstances for risk management. This can happen on an individual contract or a portfolio contracts basis.

Financial Service Community

This includes the community of Vocean investors, asset managers, partners, and supporters. The platform provides equal opportunity to all community members concerning project governance, building, and profit sharing. In the end, financial experts have the opportunity to deploy services using Vocean standards and templates with improved efficiency and low cost.

Vocean Solutions

Vocean seeks to offer the following solutions:

  • A decentralized technological layer with an inter-chain protocol to manage financial contracts involving different chains through transaction dependence.
  • A smart contract framework that enables issuing, trading, and servicing of financial contracts on blockchains. With this, it is able to facilitate contracts between two counterparties autonomously, transparently, and impartially.
  • Credit rating system that enables issuers to achieve financial health measurement from professional assessment, performance tracking, and community feedback.

Vocean VAN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: VAN
  • Token Sale Date: TBD
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC
  • Token Standard: ERC20

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