VOISE is a decentralized music platform that promises to give independent artists 100% of the revenue they generate. Here’s our VOISE review.

What Is VOISE?

VOISE is a music platform built on the blockchain. Like many other blockchain technology companies, VOISE promises to revolutionize its particular industry. In this case, VOISE plans to revolutionize the music industry by giving independent artists 100% of the revenue.

With VOISE, music is hosted on a P2P network. The music is shared from artists to users with no middleman. Cryptocurrency payments are enabled through the use of VSM tokens. Artists receive 100% of the money, and VOISE doesn’t charge anything. Plus, the platform is open to everyone. Anyone can upload their content to the platform – regardless of whether or not they have a record label.

During the VOISE crowdsale, you’ll be able to get Voisium tokens. In the future, you can use those tokens to buy music and support your favorite artists. The token is based on Ethereum’s smart contracts.

How Does VOISE Work?

VOISE functions similar to any music discovery platform. The platform makes it easy to browse artists, check top songs, and discover new artists or new releases.

The platform revolves around the use of cryptocurrencies – like the in-house Voisium tokens (VSM) – at this time. However, in the future, the platform plans to accept fiat currencies in order to spur worldwide adoption.

In its current state, the VOISE platform works like a wallet. You can use VOISE to transfer your funds to accelerate the purchase of content (at the expense of paying double the amount of gas). This requires users to manually make the transaction through the wallet.

Here are some of the key platforms on VOISE with which users can interact:

Search Engine:

This search engine will allow users to search for artists, albums, genres, playlists, or songs by name.


Users can use this section to find new discoveries or recommend content that others may want to listen to. Subsections of Discover include Top Songs, Recommended, New Releases, and Genres.


VOISE’s playlists feature contains your playlists or the playlists from users that you follow. If the playlist contains paid content that you haven’t yet purchased, then you’ll only be able to hear a free sample.

Global DAO Radio:

VOISE has a feature called decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) radio, where users can vote for the next song through a DAO contract according to their staking of tokens. The more tokens a user has, the more valuable their vote is. Funds go to the artist. Listeners are able to listen to the song once through the radio, but won’t be able to download it. The radio can be used to promote your favorite songs or hear other popular songs. Radios will also be created for specific genres.

The VOISE Voisiums Token (VSM)

The VOISE ecosystem revolves around the use of Voisiums, or VSM tokens. These tokens are used to purchase content through the platform.

The tokens are based on Ethereum’s smart contract technology and use the ERC20 standard. Users are free to store tokens on their personal desktop wallet, any web-based wallet, or the VOISE platform in order to speed up the process of purchasing content.

A total of 825,578 tokens were distributed through the VOISE crowdsale.

In the future, VOISE plans to differentiate itself from the competition through the acceptance of fiat currencies. The acceptance of fiat currencies on the platform will open VOISE to a wider userbase.


VOISE launched its crowdsale in Q3 2017, and they plan to release their platform web client (alpha version) before the start of Q4 2017. Secondary platform features will be added over the coming months, and fiat currencies will begin to be accepted in Q1 2018.

The company is led by Ivan Rossetti (Founder), Isaac Rodriguez (Backend Developer), and Ying Hao Chen (UI and Graphic Designer). Both Rossetti and Rodriguez are based in Barcelona.

VOISE was founded in 2016.

VOISE Conclusion

Obviously, VOISE isn’t the first blockchain-based platform that promises to revolutionize the music industry. VOISE plans to beat its competitors by creating a platform where independent artists get 100% of the profits. It cuts out middlemen and delivers music through a P2P system. There’s a DAO radio feature where users can pay to promote their favorite songs.

Ultimately, VOISE has ambitious goals. If successful, it could flip the music industry on its head. The company’s crowdsale was recently completed. The next step for VOISE is to release alpha and beta versions of its music platform. You can stay up-to-date on the platform online through VOISE.it.

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