What Is Volavia?

Volavia is a private aviation technology company that has launched the first platform for private air travel that is blockchain-based. The company uses smart contracts in the management of bookings, payment details, and itineraries on the blockchain thus providing full transparency to every party that is involved in the booking of private air charter flights that includes passengers, aircraft operators, and brokers.

Challenges that private aviation industry face include payment restrictions, transaction management, exposure to foreign exchange, and an increase in cybercrime in terms of interception of payments, and the sensitive customer data. Volavia solves these challenges through the provision of transparency by use of a decentralized blockchain platform.

Volavia Company has a seasoned team of travel and aviation professionals, technologists, as well as blockchain experts. The platform's smart contracts replace the otherwise complex trail of finance, banking, communications, and contract applications that currently are required in order to fulfill the private jet charter orders.

How Volavia Blockchain For Private Airline Travel Payments Works

The company provides a decentralized and permissionless private aviation clearing house service all on a platform that is fully integrated so that it can provide secure and frictionless end-to-end transactions, thus mitigating risks and optimizing efficiencies.

The company's cryptographic technology ensures that the surface payment processing transaction layer is secured thus preventing hackers from accessing the sensitive data of the client or the diversion and interception of payments. Volavia integrates both cryptocurrencies and fiat hence simplifying the payment processes.

Volavia Benefits

Secure And Seamless

Volavia brings together all the systems of the booking service providers together in a fully integrated and decentralized platform. The company consolidates services, thus putting to an end the need to access multiple applications so that a transaction can be fulfilled. Besides, blockchain ensures the security of operations.

Stability And Simplicity

Volavia integrates both fiat and cryptocurrencies hence the process of trading tokens and transferring capital is quick and simple. It offers peer-to-peer blockchain transactions hence eliminating clearing houses. In addition, the instant sending of payments eliminates the risk of fake payments as well as diverted funds.

Safety And Transparency

The platform's smart contracts capture all details on-chain thus providing transparency and protection to every party. This eventually removes the risk of manipulation, error, or bias. The customer application environment takes care of all itineraries and transactions in one ecosystem ensuring confidentiality and privacy of all operations.

Volavia VOL Token ICO Details

Volavia is backed by a two-tier security token protocol. The first token referred to as AERU tokens will not be traded or listed on outside exchanges since it is a stable coin that is made purely for flight payment transactions on the platform. Besides, a fiat gateway allows for the exchange of fiat and AERU.

The second token known as VOL is an ERC20 token that allows key industry players and contributors including brokers, operators, and staff to become stakeholders in the community. The supply of VOL tokens remains scarce and undiluted as billions of AERU tokens are minted to serve the platform's transactional purposes. VOL token holders get staking rewards for holding active stakes while running the consensus protocol for the network.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: VOL
  • Token sale date: 31.10.2018- 30.12.2018
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Total supply: 600,000,000 VOL
  • Hard cap: USD $10,000,000

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