Volkswagen Applies For Blockchain Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System Patent

Volkswagen has recently applied for a patent to increase the road safety by using blockchain technology in its vehicles. The company plans to create a way for the vehicles to communicate with each other via a distributed ledger network and alert the drivers about the potential collisions.

According to the company’s file for the patent, the system could be useful for negotiating actions like merging lanes, overtaking and other high risk activities. The communication happens vehicle to vehicle and messages are exchanged between vehicles to enable safety-relevant information.

This means that information about possible crashes will be stored and that the driver will be warned, which can prevent crashes in general. This technology can also be used on automated cars because it will enable them to sort contracts between themselves so they will not hit each other. This will be useful to provide road safety for self driving cars.

It works somewhat like this: each car negotiates a (smart) contract, once the contract is complete, the maneuvers are carried out by the vehicles and, in case of a change of plans, both cars also agree. This can be used to create a network between vehicles near each other.

Volkswagen Is the Latest Of Many Companies Applying For Blockchain Patents

The market for blockchain patents is, indeed, very hot right now, as Volkswagen is only the latest of many companies that are using this type of service. Other companies have been promoting similar endeavors like is the case with Walmart and Mastercard.

Walmart has been patenting a system for accessing medical records using the blockchain technology and Mastercard has been patented anonymous blockchain transactions. Samsung is also seeking blockchain patents to help in the business.

Ford Motors, another car company, has also patented a vehicle that works being fueled by cryptocurrencies and has some similar points to what Volkswagen is planning.

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