Volkswagen decided to create the so called Network for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV). Nvidia, Continental, Bosch and Aquantia took part of the the project that aims to provide a standard approach to the market. The NAV will help making simpler the complex back-end work required to bring autonomous cars to the market on large scale. In the future other auto manufacturers may be part of the NAV.

It is clear that if companies work on their own systems, not having contact with other car manufacturers, and not trying to implement a standardized approach, launching cars to the market will take longer time.

If instead, all these companies work together trying to implement a unique standard, then, they will be able to grow faster and launch new models to the market.

One of the most important points that the alliance wants to standardize is a high bandwidth data transfer. An important number of sensors located in the car send multi terabytes of data, which are processed quickly in order to help the vehicle make the right decisions.

For example, Aquantia can help bringing high-speed, high-bandwidth data transferability to new vehicles manufactured. .

Gary Hicok, senior vice president at Nvidia, commented about that:

“Autonomous vehicles require on board AI supercomputer, architect for functional safety, capable of processing vast amounts of sensor data through redundant and diverse deep neural networks and algorithms.”

The alliance will be trying to establish procedures that would help improving security and reliability of the current systems the companies use. Furthermore, there is a genuine intention in educating the general public about what these companies do.

“Together with our alliance partners, we are therefore contributing to the creation of a standardized network that is safe, reliable and redundant, and helping bring autonomous driving to our roads.”

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) is another organization that has been created by BMW, Renault, General Motors, and Ford. Behind it, the main purpose is to explore new uses cases of Blockchain technology in the automotive industry.

Some of the most important projects related to MOBI are digital identity, history location, supply chain, congestion fees, autonomous machine payments, commerce platforms and more.

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