Although blockchain within the energy sector is still in the infancy stage, it is undeniable that the fast pace it is revolutionizing the industry with a rigorous forward approach. And the best place to find the alliance is in the charging of electric vehicles. The blockchain-based networks, peers get access to established load or marketplaces for ER drivers in search of charging stations.

VoltGo is an example of how blockchain could change the flexibility of charging electric vehicles in different locations. Here's more on the new application of blockchain with the potential to change the attitude of the drive, build the popularity of EVs and establish a blockchain-based electricity grid.

What Is VoltGo?

VoltGo is a blockchain-based platform that provides users with electro-charging stations and recharges services for their electric networks. With the EV industry developing rapidly, VoltGo is looking to offer fast-charging devices network built on the blockchain for electric vehicles to charge within 8-10 minutes fully.

VoltGo Features

  • VOLTGO mobile application- users get to use a mobile app on their smartphone or tablet and access information on charging options, power stations statistics and vehicle details.
  • Recharge services- VoltGo offers their specialized electro-charging stations(superchargers) through the decentralized platform

How VoltGo Automotive Superchargers Network Works

The VoltGo will work to construct a balanced infrastructure for the creation of the charging stations necessary for the existence of electric cars. The Superchargers act as a network based on the blockchain that provides for a Combined Charging System (CCS). The unique technology provides for constant and alternating current charges services to the clients. Ultimately the VoltGo supercharger system will enable an advanced electric charging option with the customers having the control over the charging process online.

VoltGo Benefits

  • Decentralization- Under the open, decentralized VoltGo system, users get to control the functioning of the charging services, payments and statistics on power consumption without the need for the corresponding infrastructure
  • The convenience that comes with the functional application to provides users with the opportunity to sift through statistical data, transactions and available power stations
  • VoltGo prides itself on offering for one of the fastest electric charging services within 20 minutes, and this would significantly reduce the charging time
  • The successful implementation of VoltGo's concept could additionally promote the use of electric cars since their charging option become readily available and reliable
  • Use of cryptocurrency as a monetary unit provides for anonymity

VoltGo VGO Token ICO Details


  • Period- starts from 18th June, 2018 till 14th July, 2018
  • Rate- 1 VoltGo= $0.24
  • Duration- 26 days


  • Begins from 16th August, 2018 till 29th August, 2018
  • Rate- 1 VoltGo= $ 0.35

Token Details

  • Ticker- VGO
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Standard- ERC20
  • Accept- BTC, ETH, Dash, BCH and LTC
  • Token price- 1 VGO= $ 0.24
  • Supply Amount- 250,000,000 tokens
  • Sale supply- 100,000,000 tokens

VGO Distribution

  • VoltGo company- 60%
  • ICO- 35%
  • Pre-sale- 5%

VoltGo Conclusion

The application of blockchain technology within electric vehicles is a revolutionary concept, and that makes VoltGo a potential game changer within the industry. While can benefit from the technological and financial advantages, the ultimate gain comes in the fundamental paradigm shift we will witness. For VoltGo's project, the primary point of concern is to establish the charging stations since most of their idea is only in theory.

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