Voot Token

The crypto market is very volatile and the cryptocurrency prices can drop and fall drastically in the course of months or even weeks. This is one of the reasons why so many investors are still not willing to invest in the market. At this time where there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market, investors are unable to keep track of the market changes which makes it hard for them to make informed investment decisions.

This challenge calls for a solution that can take the burden of tracking the market from the investors and be able to make smart market decisions for the investors.

The Voot Solution

Voot hopes to bridge this gap. This platform will enable investors to invest in one single coin rather than in multiple cryptocurrencies. The platform will also allow for real-time cryptocurrency transactions at the point of sale. The platform token referred to as Voot token will allow users to earn great returns in the end once they invest in the coin. This will ensure they earn and save themselves from investing in multiple currencies which have no assurance of price increase.

The platform hopes to come up with a global platform that will be accessible and an alternative to traditional banking. Users will easily store their money, access it instantly and be able to transact with the money anywhere in form of the locations local currency including in form of crypto coins. The platform has the VOTOX app that will allow smartphone users to access this platform.

VOTOX is an alternative to traditional banking that allows a better way to spend, save, and share the user’s money straight from their mobile phones. The app has smart solutions on personal finance with features such as effortless savings, real-time notifications, and mobile pay-to-pay functionalities.

Voot Smartphone & PoS Payment Features

Online Wallet

The Votox wallet is a container for 10 sub accounts and can hold up to 10 distinct currencies in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The wallet is still in its beta stage but it will soon be a working product.

Instant Exchange

Merchants will accept cryptocurrencies at their point of sale or online. Consumers will need a place to exchange their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies that they can use for everyday purchases. Using an exchange for such exchanges is expensive but with Voot platform, such exchanges will occur in real time.

Investment Consulting

The VOOT tokens will allow users to earn after investing in one coin rather than in investing in multiple digital coins and being subjected to the volatility of the market.

Voot Token ICO Details

The token will allow for real-time point of sale transactions from the users private crypto wallets. users will easily purchase goods from stores and online using cryptocurrencies which will encourage others to adopt the technology. The token is part of a global solution to create borderless transactions.

The token adheres to the ERC20 protocol and will be found on the Ethereum network. The token connects the user and the VOOT wallet. The token will fund the transactions and will be the utility token for the Voot platform.

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