What Is VOSAI Token?

VOSAI is an artificial general intelligence (AGI) system integrated with PATHWAY blockchain and operates on a decentralized network of computers. VOSAI's main use is image classification and natural language processing although in the future its uses will spread to other mediums such as motion, audio, and sensory data.

The AGI system is almost similar to humans as it has stimulus and reactions, which means that in order for it to learn it requires extensive interaction with external stimuli. VOSAI AGI ensures longevity by abstracting a computational layer, which allow VOSAI to run on any infrastructure such as the Cloud, super computers, GPU based servers or Desktop PCs. The layer will also result in a better performance with increased AGI output at minimum costs to the users.

VOSAI Token Transforming Artificial Intelligence

VOSAI seeks to bring innovation into the world of AI and meet the growing demands of machine learning and computer vision systems by unlocking existing decentralized processing power wasted on other blockchains. VOSAI has a variety of use cases in multiple industries such as Agriculture, Infrastructure, Construction, and Law Enforcement.

VOSAI also seeks to become the leading mechanism for using and selling cloud based underutilized processing power specially made for machine learning on devices around the world. By utilizing the world computer for decentralized instruction processing and distribution, VOSAI will build an efficient, cost effective, and resilient network.

VOSAI Token Platform Components

VOSAI will grow an open ecosystem for decentralized processing power and provide developers with a platform where they can build enhance and monetize. VOSAI’s ecosystem contains three components.

  • VOSAI for clients – it will allow client to customize the performance of AGI interactions according to their preferences to meet the demands of their businesses.
  • VOSAI for miners or learners –Miners will use VOSAI software to process machine learning requests in order to mine blocks and validate the mined blocks
  • VOSAI for miners and vendors – research organizations, cloud providers, and Internet Service Providers may participate on the VOSAI network as miners or vendors to other miners.

The VOSAI Token will be the main way to transact and interact on the VOSAI network. Miners can earn the tokens by providing computer instruction processing that is useful and valuable in solving of actual problems. The tokens are a “unit of work” which represents the compute power that is required to process any request against a system while storing the information on the blockchain.

VOSAI Token Benefits


VOSAI DAO is the controlling organization behind VOSAI who democratically decides who gets the VOSAI tokens which dictates who can use the network.

Lowers The Price Of Processing Power:

VOSAI will create a market that will utilize the newfound and unused computer processing power that is all around the world. The increase in supply of processing power could result in price drop of the processing power required for machine learning.

Data Security:

VOSAI utilizes PATHWAY, which can recover and rebalance in response to events that will keep the network’s data safe while ensuring that the data has a continuous flow.

VOSAI Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token name: VOSAI
  • Token sale date: 2018/04/25 – 2018/08/20
  • Token standard: ETH (ERC20)
  • Accepted payment method: BTC, ETH
  • Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD.
  • Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD

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