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What is Voxxo?

This is a platform focused on music. And before getting into the review too deeply, they seem to be a transparent company with full disclosure about the team and information on the location of the company. The purpose of Voxxo is to operate as a music player, concert instrument and licensing platform. They are looking to change the future of music with the right people.

The platform promises to be an innovative design for music. It has the convenience of a music player, combined with concert investment and music licensing. The goal is to be the first music cryptocurrency to give Voxxo users the power of community to change the shape of music. Token holders will gain profits through crodfunding for world scale sized concerts.

There is a complete FAQ section to answer any questions that arise. The music player mobile app offers features said to be unique to Voxxo. You buy music with cryptocurrency. The company looks to have a healthy ICO coming for investors to make a profit with. They really push wanting to use community to redefine music.

For paid users there is no subscription needed. You can purchase as little or as much music as you desire with no ads or limits. You’ll also be able to create, share and follow lists and users. Lastly, you can follow your favorite bands and artists.

For free users, the ads appear after two songs have played. You can also skip forward and backward at your own discretion. And there is no limit to streaming. The app will be ready for download on Google Play and Appstore once crowdsales have ended.

There are some benefits to using Voxxo apparently as well:

  • ERC20 Power – VOXXO will use the ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract as its base. They do so because of the reliability as well as speed. The team fully supports Ethereum and their community. Also, a low and fixed supply is going to be instated for the Voxxo tokens.
  • Ready to Start – In only a couple months, they promise to bring the mobile application to fruition while finalizing all sales.
  • Future Changing – The vision of Voxxo is said to be the push behind the team. They appreciate the spirit of blockchain technology, seeing it helping do a lot of positive things for music.
  • Investment OpportunityThe main priority of Voxxo is to help investors by starting a trust chain while backing them with the power of the community before exchange profitability occurs.

Who is Behind Voxxo?

They do make the claim of being the most valuable ICO of the year. Something that everyone does, where they differ is they never claim to be attempting to take over Ethereum or being more valuable. Instead using Ethereum to add a solution for music lovers interested in cryptocurrency.

The founder is Armagon Ozsoy, a developer and multimedia designer with a full LinkedIn Profile holding more than 500 connections. This is important, because there are so many startups right now with no information about their team. Those other startups are generally nothing more than a Ponzi scheme scam platform.

Voxxo doesn’t seem to be this at all. There are five other people on the team as well, each with their own social media profiles on LinkedIn that appear by all means to be genuine.

Transparency is the most important factor of a startup, because it shows they have nothing to hide from anyone. As to whether or not there is a risk? There always is, and I’m not saying to rush in blindly and start investing with this company, I’m saying they look more promising than other companies on the market.

What is the ICO on Voxxo?

The ICO for Voxxo opened late in 2017 with the pre-sale ICO and the second phase started in January. The third sale started on the 5th of February 2018. There is still 18 days left until the sale ends and they’re about half way to their goal.

VOXXO ICO Conclusion

Pay attention to this company, they appear to be more legit then many others out there. And they paint a clear picture of what they want to do. There is a solution to the music industry they are solving for cryptocurrency users and they disclose personal information.

Always be careful, but I would keep these guys on a higher echelon then the other countless ICOs that are blatantly ripping people off.

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