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The blockchain technology has limitless utility in various fields, including the medical field. This project intends to merge the blockchain and VR and utilize it in the medical sector. VR is a computer-generated image that attempts to simulate reality. It creates an immersive experience, which is quite similar to reality.

The VR technology is utilized in many ways for entertainment, engineering, and operating complex objects. When combined with the blockchain, VR can be quite useful in the medical field. The idea is to utilize VR technology in neurology and ophthalmology. It will allow specialists from all over the world to be engaged in medical consultations in real time.

VR MED Features

Field Vision Analyzer

The VRMED headset will offer a vision field analysis that will make it possible for doctors to diagnose glaucoma in its early stages. The initial tests for the headset were conducted at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. It is currently undergoing tests at the Institute of Eye Disease at the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The VRMED is a mobile device. To use it, the medical expert needs just the headset and a notebook that is plugged in. It weighs just 0.4 kg and is quite compact. It can be utilized in small clinics and with a telemedicine setting.

Ergonomic design

VRMED is integrated into the headset using an ergonomic design. This is quite different from the competition. As a result, it offers a high level of accuracy in fast eye tracking. It offers a headset that can be utilized in various medical settings.

Investment Attractiveness

VRMD Tokens is an internal currency that allows holders to acquire products and access various services for a lower price compared to using fiat. Besides that, it allows access to software updates, which widens the functional capabilities of the headset.

The pre-ICO for VRMD ended on April 15. Since then the VRMED project has launched a bounty program. This is the first project in the world that will utilize the VR technology in medicine. This device cannot just be used in ophthalmology but in neurosurgery as well. All that you need to use is input the needed software and configure it.

The project has in reserve 1200000 VRMD for those that supported VR MED before or during the pre-ICO and ICO by taking part in various bounty activities. The bounty campaign end when the project reaches its hard cap of $5,000,000 USD.

To take part in the bounty program all you need to do is spread the word on this project and you will get stake each week. To do this, add the project’s signature to your profile Bitcointalk. The rewards are based on how many users you reach and the number of people with which you interact with.

ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: VRMD
  • Full Token Name: VRMD Token
  • Pre-ICO: March 19, 2018 – April 14, 2018
  • ICO: April 15, 2018 -When Hard Cap is reached
  • ICO Hard Cap: $5,000,000 USD
  • ICO Soft Cap: $1,000,000

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