VR OKO is an industry first, that seeks to bring the immersive experience of virtual realty to the movie sector. When 3D arrived, many hailed it as a game changer, but an interaction with VR will blow their minds. The quality of the viewing is unrivaled, as the user has control over viewing angles, camera focus and much more. In concision, this technology is centered at the viewer.

After purchasing the headset, clients get unfettered aces to vast library of adult movies, containing over 500 titles from 40 different genres. The headset is available on the official website and other partnering online stores. The purchase system integrates blockchain technology, so items can be acquired using virtual currencies.

VR OKO Platform

Since the pioneering cryptocurrency hit the market, several industries have strived to emulate its success. The implementation of blockchain technology in other sectors of business evidently show how much of an influence these currencies have. The ability of blockchain to make transactions more efficient, transparent and anonymous has been a significant driver towards the adoption of the technology.

VR OKO is a porn film platform seeking to incorporate blockchain technology to increase the effectiveness of its operations. Previously, the sector fell victim to random account closures by banks which did not issue proper explanations. Instead of fighting a losing battle, players in the industry opted to find alternative answers, and luckily, they learned of blockchain.

The impact of blockchain was instant. First, the distribution platform became decentralized, making it easier to distribute content. Second, transactions are now efficient, and there is anonymity of both the consumer and the supplier. Another advantage is the ability of multiple users to share a single account, something that banks did not allow.


The OKO platform uses the OKOIN Token as the primary medium for exchange. The token is ERC20 compliant and operates on an Ethereum-based blockchain platform. Token holders have control over major decisions in the OKO platform and can formulate policies by voting.

Sources Of OKOIN

The following sources will ensure the crypto coin remains in constant supply:

  • Investors who buy tokens
  • Users who need the tokens to transact in the ecosystem
  • Advertiser on the platform


The crowdsale will be open to the public, regardless of their background. During the ICO, the company intends to fundraise a total of $80 million. In this regard, a total of 240 million OKOINs will be up for sale.

The ICO will start on 14th December 2017 and last for thirty days. The tokens will only be issued in exchange of Ethereum.

Distribution Of Funds

Since the company is relatively new to the market, the proceeds from the crowdsale will go entirely towards growth and developing. A portion will be used for expanding the manufacturing of the headsets, while the remainder will go towards scaling up of market coverage.

VR OKO Roadmap

Once the crowdsale ends on the 14th January 2018, the company will embark on rolling out the VR headset into new markets. Afterwards, the company will launch the online film library and test the live chat feature on the ecosystem.


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