Vreo is an online platform that connects software developers and marketing companies to allow for the placement of ads in software and games. Vreo provides plugins that give an un-obstructive, and dynamic advertising that becomes part of the game. The adverts are embedded into the games, and thus they can be seen by the gamer as the games can avoid ad blockers. The platform offers a new way to measure and monetize game ads by the use of blockchain technology.

Vreo Current Advertising System

The gaming industry is continually growing, but there is a challenge of access to capital for game developers. There also lacks a solution that can place ads on desktops and within video games. Most of the advertising is on handhelds and mobile. Additionally, most of the ads offered by marketing firms are pop-up ads that interrupt the experience of gamers.

Vreo presents embedded ads that are made as part of the game. They are not annoying as they do not keep on interrupting the user’s experience. The ads are also able to earn the developers a stream source of income rather than a one-time sales revenue from pop-up ads. The gamers who are happy with the information from ads can become loyal customers providing a steady flow of income to the brand.

Vreo User Benefits

  • The marketing brands will be able to buy advertising space and provide the content for the ads. They will also earn recognition in the gaming industry, and their information and data will be secure because of the blockchain technology used.
  • Game developers will gain access to finance as they sell virtual advertising space to advertisers and also via the funding platform. They will also access data and market intelligence for their projects.
  • Gamers will save money and will enjoy their gaming without the pop-up ads

Vreo In-Game Advertising Blockchain MeritCoins Features

  • ID identification- Every feature of the platform be it a user, game, advert or company has an identification number that evaluates its performance
  • Filtering system- The developers and brands can choose who to work with as their ideal partner within the system and can specify the parameters on the platform to search for the right partner.
  • Vreo has synergy with Funding gateway which provides intelligence and evaluates upcoming projects
  • Quality views that are measured by the platform to give the best feedback to the brands and developers
  • The use of blockchain provides a secure platform where data and information can be stored
  • The platform gives a suitable presentation in terms of embedded ads that can frequently be seen by the users of the platform.

Vreo MTC ICO Details

The Vreo tokens are known as MTC. The token presale will start on 9th April this year and end on 15th April this year. 20% of the tokens will be offered during the presale. The total MTCs that will be offered to the public during the ICO will be 450,000,000. The price of the tokens will be 1 token for $0.05, and they will be purchased using Ethereum. The minimum MTCs that can be bought is 1,000 while the maximum is 4,000,000. The tokens are used for the following purposes:

  • Exchanged publicly to provide proof of merit
  • Can be used on the platform to ensure the transparency of advertising

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