On the review menu this round is the blockchain CDN/P2P network VTOS. Before you read further, a fair warning that this company can be quite term-heavy in their content. While it is encouraged to further educate oneself on the lingo in the industry, know that their page can be a bit of an intense read at points, but highly inspiring in the same vein.

The purpose behind this particular decentralized blockchain platform is designated in its stellar storage capabilities and catering to music files, videos, and documents, all at a low cost and backed on an Ethereum based network. Simply put… think of this app as a blockchain love spawn between Youtube, Napster, and iTunes… with a touch of Dropbox in the mix.

With all of the website data having built up to congeal in cyberspace, the developers had in mind to develop an application which would allow for activity clear of unnecessary data dumps. Thusly with those factors integrated into the design, VTOS was crafted to simplify blockchain transactions, meet all social networking needs and keep smart contracts space savvy.

About VTOS

Long story short, the inspiration to build VTOS arose from the continual dissatisfaction on behalf of the web and application programmers listed below. Continuously finding half-functioning applications with hefty storage costs and insatiable appetites for bandwidth, eventually, these entrepreneurs developed VTOS, which was initially angled as a private P2P network.

They had the fortune of making ties with Rom Siquijor, a former major IT player in the industry who has been a consultant for many Fortune 500 companies. Siquijor was taken by the project and soon hereafter provided financial backing in order for VTOS to see the public eye on a larger scale.

The company produced its own cryptocurrency, the VTOS token, which can be utilized in several ways – look to ‘Technology’ section for further elaboration. Good news is the VTOS token is compliant with ERC20 standards. The crowdfunding sale launches on April 16th, 2018.

The quantity available in the ICO is currently wedged at 330,000,000 with the ceilings at a soft cap of $4 million in sales, and a hard cap at $40 million. Naturally, the system is cohesive with Bitcoins and Ethers.

VTOS Company & Team

At the top of the pyramid is Daniel Valdez, CEO, and developer for simplifying protocols for token distribution through the blockchain nodes, as well as the compensation plans for VTOS. In line next to Valdez is Juan Carlos Ruiz, CFO, whose claim to fame is masterful proficiency in financial advisement, dealings and saw to managing legal, operational and technology-related risks at two distinguished accounting firms in Mexico.

Finally, the third leg of the enterprise is Enrique Sandoval, CTO, and his skilled expertise lies in management of voice networks, video conferencing and data performance in regards to extensive coding protocols.

Should there be inquiry on who to turn to in lieu of questions about the VTOS application, refer to the rest of the VTOS team listing, as the support is quite long.


Your natural curiosity may be wondering how this giant social media library effectively functions. Thankfully, for those who are less inclined to the tech-savvy terminology found in the Whitepaper and more visually inclined, the VTOS webpage produced a diagram indicating the master equation on how the project will support itself.

VTOS has what is the “Master Node” system. In efforts to ensure that all OS users have equal opportunity to download VTOS, the platform is compatible with Android, Apple and Microsoft products. Essentially, both users and data miners will have the ability to run their own master nodes through the network, which in turn produces tokens (in the beginning stages, there’s also various rewards included).

Users can utilize their tokens to create ad space, sell their account, or continue to develop their own personal user adspace, exchange for other cryptocurrencies, or donate more tokens to support various user content (videos, music, documents, advertisement sharing) of their choice.

This methodology, in turn, endows other users to build or sell their own spaces, share media, donate to the VTOS master node and so forth. It is a continuous supportive cycling network.

VTOS ICO Verdict

Certainly, if you happen to have advanced experience with mobile & computer applications, including interaction with social networking platforms, then VTOS could definitely be a best friend for you. Our take on it? We’re bearing witness to a hybrid of Youtube, Dropbox and several other social media apps beefed up on blockchain technology, and wrapped up in a pretty package of user-friendly operational framework.

In a nutshell… if you’re a nerd, then this app may be your calling. All in all, we feel VTOS layout is a brilliant strategy, and if nothing else, a stepping stone to the future of content sharing.

Our hunch is the VTOS dapp is worth taking the time to do the research, and if nothing else, investing a few funds to see where it goes. Based on its’ design and projections though… this just might be a winner, winner token dinner.

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