VU token Review

More often the mention of blockchain leaves people with the thought of a distributed ledger technology with application only in finance. While this is indeed a significant character of blockchain technology, it should not mean that the technology is not a likely candidate for virtual reality.

While blockchain is a form of cryptography to have autonomous consensus for individuals, the virtual reality remains an advanced and immersive way for us to experience gaming and entertainment. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that these two innovations are finding collaborative potential and are drifting closer to one another. And to add to the evidence, the next blockchain-based VR solution is a sure confirmation of the emerging trend catching on.

What Is VU?

VU or Virtual universe is an advanced Virtual reality game that will incorporate next-generation technology to facilitate an epic gaming experience to inspire and excite the gamers. Their gaming platform will combine the latest in dynamic technology to give the user a gaming experience featuring an AI-driven world, with background storylines without end. Players will additionally get to explore, create, and share their knowledge together thanks to the dynamic nature of the Virtual Universe game.

The Technology Behind The Platform

To facilitate the immersion of the VR gaming, VU would have to use to have a graphics fidelity ability and achieve interactive realism with the user, and ultimately achieve the authenticity that goes beyond the typical video gaming experiences. Consequently, VU has had to incorporate their model of technology, which is the LivingVR™.

The platform will leverage the following technologies

  • Affective Computing-this will assist the game in responding to any dynamic physiological cues in use by the players.
  • Artificial Intelligence-the technology will create a realistic interactive level with the character and environments within the game
  • Machine learning- over time the game would automatically respond to the experience, and this is mainly due to the machine learning capabilities
  • Blockchain technology – during the gaming experience, players will get to own assets along the levels, and these are exchangeable for in-game value which comes in the form of VU tokens.

Token Details And Distribution

The VU token is an ERC20 compatible model of digital currency and will only accept ETH as an exchange or purchase mode. The rate will stand at 1 ETH for 6,000 VU tokens. The Virtual Universe platform plan on offering an initial 600 million in the form of token distribution. The tokens will go into providing

  • Ability to purchase exclusive assets within the gaming environments
  • Incentives to the game creators and contributors
  • Rewarding players for their in-game accomplishments

The initial ICO distribution will only feature 60% of the total tokens with the delivery set to highlight the following

  • Token sale
  • User growth
  • VU team
  • Bounty program
  • Pre-sale
  • Partners

Virtual Universe Conclusion

While there are plenty of VR games, the incorporation of blockchain takes the experience to a whole new level. In part of VU, the experience is more emotionally-engaging since the technologies in use offer a more adventurous delight for the players. Whether a gamer or non-gamer, becoming part of the VU gaming experience offer an easily rewarding and straightforward knowledge of adventure with a never-ending story. That is unlike what we have now, and VU could make a massive step in the gaming world with their new VR game.

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