The commercial departments at major media channels may spend weeks -if not months- chasing after a TV series, movie, or any other show that may just help increase its viewership. And a lot of money and effort is lost in this protracted process, which in many cases yields no positive outcomes.

$240 billion per year is spent by Broadcasters and OTTs on acquiring Film, TV, Sports, and eSports content, but around 40% of that value can be lost to the cost and friction of the transaction. The entire industry is unwieldy and disjointed.

Vuulr changes that paradigm.

What Is Vuulr?

Vuulr’s vision is to create a new global broadcast content economy; bringing content buyers, sellers, creators and brands together in a vibrant, integrated ecosystem; democratizing access and enabling innovative new business models for the future. Using the Blockchain, Vuulr’s end-to-end solution will revolutionize Title Discovery, Acquisition, Sponsorship, Delivery, and Payment, enabling the industry to transact faster with reduced friction and eliminate wasteful manual rework.

This increased efficiency will allow the industry to recover significantly lost value. Broadcasters and OTTs will be able to bring better content to their audiences and a greater percentage of revenue will be available to the production industry for the creation of better content.

Vuulr Marketplace

The Vuulr Marketplace will be a web application that seamlessly integrates with and uses data and functionality from the Vuulr Supply Chain. It will provide easy to use, intuitive and powerful functionality for search & discovery, acquisition, delivery and sponsorship of Titles. The Vuulr Marketplace will bring together three key stakeholders (Buyers, Content Creators, and Distributors & Brands) to Buy/Sell Finished Content and Sponsor Content.

Vuulr Supply Chain

The Vuulr Supply Chain will replace the laborious, manual process of emailing spreadsheets and PDFs with a modern, Blockchain-based distributed architecture and a set of tools for the industry. The non-profit Vuulr Supply Chain will develop technology and services to manage avails, metadata, and unique IDs for your titles, with easy-to-use tools implementing the existing global industry standards and best practices. Modern, web-delivered, and mobile friendly, it will be charged on a software-as-a-service monthly subscription.

How Vuulr VUU Token Blockchain TV & Movie Database Reward Work

Vuulr’s vision is of a fully Blockchain and Crypto-enabled industry where Rights contracting is executed through Smart Contracts and payment is made through Cryptocurrency from digital wallet to digital wallet. By using the VUU Token as a reward mechanism for incentivizing adoption, usage, and good behavior, Vuulr will accelerate the growth of the ecosystem to achieve network effect.

The VUU Token will be available to denominate and transact with on the Vuulr Platform. Users who choose to use VUU Tokens will enjoy advantageous pricing and access to premium services compared to those who use fiat.

Vuulr VUU Token TGE/ICO Details

A total of 1 billion coins will be minted with 35% being available for sale. 30% will be reserved for future sale, 10% for driving platform adoption, 15% founders and staff, 5% to advisors and 5% will go to the contingency.

Each coin is priced at $0.06 USD. The hard cap is aimed at 16.5 million USD. The private sale will have a minimum contribution of USD 200,000, and a maximum contribution of USD 1,500,000 per contributor. Vuulr will be conducting the public sale on the Qryptos ICO Market platform.

The following is the planned use of funds over the first 24 months whilst Vuulr is in the launch and growth phase:

  • Management, F&A and Professional Services 14%
  • Product and Engineering 24%
  • Launch, Content and User Acquisition 24%
  • Global Offices 23%
  • Tax, Contingencies, Compliance & Other 15%

The token sale for Vuulr starts on 9th May 2018. To participate in the sale or to get more information about the platform please visit

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