Have you heard of Vuzzbee? This company has created a link sharing reward system using the blockchain technology and our blog is going to review it today.

What Is Vuzzbee?

Vuzzbee is the self-acclaimed first company to use blockchain to create a link sharing reward system in the world. The company is looking to solve the following problem: while online social platforms make a lot of money because of the engagement created by the users, most of them do not see any reward.

The users create content, share and comment on posts but they do not get any rewards at all. Because of this, Vuzzbee decided to make things different. Vuzzbee will be a decentralized platform focused on link-sharing which will allow its users to view and share many articles, links, videos, images and whatever they want. The trick is that they will be rewarded for their participation.

VuzzBee will be similar to Reddit but with a reward system that will have more than points. Creators will be rewarded and so will their followers.

The team that created this company is composed by people who are experts in web development and content management. The professionals are Naka Muraki, Al Kie, EJ Borja, Russ Stukel, Gie Estores and Andro Merlin.

How Vuzzbee Blockchain Link Sharing Rewards Works

Vuzzbee will be a platform in which you will be able to use as any other social media platform like Facebook or Reddit but that will be focused on the sharing and production of content and it will pay its users for it. The company will use blockchain to create a cryptocurrency which will be rewarded to the users who are really engaged with the platform and the content creators.

The site will be launched soon and the sale of the tokens will follow, but the Alpha platform will only be launched at the end of 2018. The first half of 2019 will see the release of the Beta platform and efforts to make the platform more stable.

How To Invest In Vuzzbee VBEE ICO Details

Vuzzbee has decided to create an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the development of the platform. The pre-sale is happening at this moment and it will continue until March 24. The main sale will begin after the pre-sale is complete. If you buy the tokens right now, you will pay $0.05 USD for each token.

You can only buy Vuzzbee tokens by using Ethereum from a custom wallet. The minimum purchase that you have to make is 0.05 ETH. The ICO has no restrictions and even investors from the United States can participate in it. These tokens will be used as an internal currency on the platform. Early investors will also get early access to the platform. The hard cap is $10 million USD, 70% of the total tokens.

Vuzzbee Verdict

Is this company a good investment for you? Maybe. The Vuzzbee’s founders are still somewhat young, although they have some experience, and the idea of the platform seems interesting. Will this company give you a good return on investment, though? We are not completely sure of that because of some factors. While the tokens will probably cost more in the future, we are not so sure about how successful the platform will be.

Because of this, you have to think very well before you decide if you are going to give Vuzzbee a chance or not. This company might be interesting, but its idea is not necessarily a very original one when you look at the cryptocurrency market. What will make Vuzzbee really stand out? There is some aspect capable of this or is there not? These are the questions that you should be making right now.

Has this article interested you in this company? In case it did, think well before doing something, but invest if you want to, but in case it did not, you should know that you can always look up on our blog to find other interesting investments that can make you get a great return on investment.

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