Do you know how to make the best investments? There are plenty of investments to be made in cryptocurrencies, so it’s hard to always know which ones can be the best for you.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) happen all the time and it is getting more and more hard to choose the best companies. Some of them are scams and other have dreams that are so big that they will never actually be true. How to know when to run away and when to invest?

To help you in this difficult task, our blog reviews the most promising ICOs for our readers. Today, our subject is VVTokens. Do you want to know more about? Read the review.

What Is VVTokens?

VVTokens is a new token developed to make online electronic services more accessible and affordable. The main idea is to use blockchain to make the transactions more secure, fast and affordable.

Blockchain was chosen because it lets the company act with more safety, autonomy from the government and in a decentralized and transparency. The company expects to give access to individuals that have low to middle income and are not using debit cards right now.

The biggest goal of VVTokens is to reach unbanked people that do not use this kind of service because they don’t have enough money then offer them a cheap service so they can enter in this economy. They claim almost 40% of the world’s population is unbanked or underbanked.

How Do VVTokens Work?

First, the VVTokens will be used in CyberBank, the financial platform that the company will create. Both in the CyberBank Platinum Debt Card, used for low-income users and the CyberBank Black Card, used for high-income users. The plan is to draw both common users and high-level users of debit cards to the environment of the VVTokens, the blockchain called VVChain.

The users will then use their CyberBank Debt Card like any other kind of card, but the service will be cheaper and easier to use.

The whole infrastructure for the service will be made available during 2018 and the bank will be operational by the end of 2018 if everything goes according to plan.

How To Invest In VVTokens?

To invest in this company, you have to buy their tokens during the ICO. To buy then, you will have to use ETH, as the blockchain of the VVTokens will be Ethereum-based. Any VVTokens purchased will be immediately availalable to be sold, as they are understood a product.

The ICO will begin on December 5 and it will be held for 30 days or until all of the tokens are sold. At the moment of this report, it doesn’t seem like VVTokens already an exact price for their tokens to be sold during the ICO.

There were already some bonuses set, though. If you buy the VVTokens until 3,5 million have been reached, you will receive a bonus of 30%. This bonus goes to 20% until $5,5M, 10% until $8M and there will be no bonuses after that.

The company plans to get $30 million USD in ETH by selling 1,500,000,000 VVTokens. Most of the money will be used in engineering and about a third of it in sales and marketing.

The VVTokens Conclusion

It looks like VVTokens is a fine investment. The company has a solid plan to be developed during 2018 and it looks well organized and profitable. Because of this, you might do well investing in VVTokens.

This company does not look like a scam, neither a flat out bad investment of your money. You should read their plans carefully and be cautious, like you always should, but there no visible red flags to be found on the VVTokens company.

If you are interested in this company, you should invest in it. The amount of the investment is up to you, but being cautious never hurts if things go wrong sometime during 2018. Good luck on your investments.


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