Wall Street Analyst Samson Mow Claims CNBC Is Pumping and Dumping BCH

Wall Street Analyst Samson Mow Claims That CNBC Is Pumping and Dumping Altcoins on Their Viewers On Twitter

Do you know Samson Mow? He is a Wall Street analyst with more than 75 thousand followers and an active interest for the cryptocurrency market. Just a few hours ago, Mow has collected some tweets about how CNBC was “pumping and dumping” altcoins on their viewers and asked for people to provide more tweets.

He created a Twitter Moments to illustrate the case.

Accusations Against CNBC on Twitter Moments

Samson Mow has announced that @CNBCFastMoney was dumping BCH and accepting bribes to market the altcoin to investors. He tipped the SEC about it and went on about how CNBC only highlighted when BCH was on the rise but ignored when its price was falling.

The chain of tweets goes on and on about how biased the company is in favor of Bitcoin Cash and stating connections between the company and the cryptocurrency. They also pointed that Gaby Wasensteiner, marketing manager of the CNBC, is married to Paul Wasensteiner, which is the CEO of the Bitcoin Cash Fund.

At the time of this report, neither the SEC, Gaby Wasensteiner nor the CNBC has released any statement about this particular issue.

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