WalletBuilders: Create Your Own Blockchain Cryptocurrency?

It is undeniably true that cryptocurrency is the future of most economies and its different sectors despite widespread criticism. Despite all this, there is still a vast surge of altcoins popping up with the aim of making out a share of the crypto markets.

Most potential crypto investors might not be aware that there are services to help introduce individuals and organizations to the world of altcoins creation. WalletBuilders is one such service that is offering a broad range of altcoins creation and hosting services to its users. The service firm is already involved in the production and launch of several different cryptocurrencies and already maintaining dozens. Here how their blockchain experience and expertise could best serve the altcoins growth

What Is WalletBuilders?

WalletBuilders is an altcoins creator service that facilitates the creation, launch, repair, and maintenance of different altcoins under different service plans to its users. Potential service users of the crypto creator get to create their coin through simple clicks and a one-time payment for the digital currency's maintenance.

Rather than seek out a blockchain developer, Wallet Builders allows for even the most novice of cryptocurrency users get to create their cryptocurrency easily. The fundamentals of the process will dwell on building, branding, coding and marketing features of the coin in question.

WalletBuilders Service Plans


Get to create a free blockchain for service testing through Wallet Builders delivery of the unique genesis block and a compiled Linux and Windows wallet for storage. Additionally, the features include naming, a unique genesis block and Merkle hash and a free 5-day hosting service.


Users looking to create their blockchain with custom logos and premine can opt for the Pro service plans. The hosting provides for naming, branding (Logo and icon), wallets (Windows/Linux and source code and Linux daemon. The Premine offer comes with a one-month free Node hosting at a one-time price of 0.009 BTC

Node Hosting

If you are looking for another hosting, the Node hosting option provides for professional blockchain hosting in a data center at a rate of 0.002 BTC, each month.

How The Altcoins Creator Works

  • Choose your coin by entering the coin's email address, purchase type, and model of the algorithm
  • Establish the coin details such as name, coin abbreviation, address letter and its verbal timestamp
  • Provide for the coin settings such as block rewards, block halving, and the total coin supply
  • Advanced coin settings- establish the Coinbase maturity, confirmation rate, and target timespan
  • Choose wallet images by uploading your logo

Potential Benefits Of Using WalletBuilders Services

  • Hassle free service for the coin developers
  • Fast turnaround regarding coin development
  • Customer support for constant repair and maintenance of the coin

WalletBuilders Verdict

It is common evidence that creating and hosting your blockchain or altcoins is a tiresome and expensive affair which most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are not able to handle. Wallet Builders provides for a slightly efficient and fast ultimatum to bring closer the development side of the blockchain. From the past customer reviews, it is safe to say that the service seems legitimate and efficient in its service provision. However, if you are serious about your blockchain venture, such services are not an ideal option since the user is unaware of what the hosting and creation process entails.



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