Walton College at University of Arkansas Establishes Blockchain Center of Excellence

The University of Arkansas has now joined the list of blockchain educators following the announcement of a new Blockchain Center of Excellence, which will be based at its Sam M Walton College of business.

Building on its long history as a leader in information systems, the University of Arkansas has established the blockchain center in order to help discover and disseminate the innovative uses of the new blockchain technology, teaching its students its benefits to the future of digital security and business.

The increasing popularity of blockchain has led to the desire of preparing the future generations. It’s expected that it will disrupt nearly all industries including global technologies, something that the University of Arkansas wishes to be part of.

“We will develop and establish research partnerships by conducting collaborative industry-university research, we will promote and enable dissemination of knowledge about blockchains, and we will accelerate industry adoption of blockchain technology,” said Matt Waller, Walton’s College dean.

The new center will be made possible by a number of executive partners, which the institution says will be limited to only 10. As of this writing, five had already been selected, and they include notable companies that have invested heavily on blockchain projects such as IBM and Walmart.

The center will also seek to collaborate with Arkansas-based firms, taking a proactive approach to research on blockchain in order to utilize the relationships for business integration.

According to the new director of the center who is also the Information Systems professor at the Walton college, blockchain technology is still immature, and there’s a dire need for enterprises to overcome obstacles in order to leverage its benefits as much as possible.

More Institutions Also Looking To Focus On Blockchain Education

The University of Arkansas is not the only institution looking to expand its research into blockchain and its benefits. More educational institutions based in the US are also mounting efforts in response to the emerging technology.

Some of the notable Universities spearheading blockchain education are New York University and Stanford University. New York University has a course to educate students about cryptocurrencies, including smart contracts. Stanford University, on the other hand, is taking the approach of The University of Arkansas, focusing more on innovative enterprising future of blockchain.

There are also more academic institutions in the United Kingdom, Russia, Denmark and Brazil making hefty bids in order to provide blockchain educations.

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