Waltonchain WTC-Garment Blockchain IoT Clothing Authenticity Tracking System Launches With Kaltendin

The blockchain technology is ever evolving and so are the products that use it to help the world in many ways. Recently, Waltonchain has shown its technology that will be used in the authentication and in the traceability of clothing, the first system of the world to use the technology like this.

Waltonchain’s goal is to disrupt the apparel industry by using the blockchain and the Internet of Things (IOT) technologies together to create clothes that can easily be traced. The project is a joint venture of Waltonchain and Kaltendin, one of the top high end clothing brands in China.

The main idea of this new product is to apply the core technology of blockchain to a smart management system that will product smart clothes, warehousing management and a better shopping experience.

A Revolution In The Apparel Industry

Some experts have affirmed that this new technology could cause a revolution in the apparel industry as it applied blockchain, big data and IOT tech to ensure that the logistics behind this type of service are considerably better than they already are.

By providing automatic data filling form production orders, factory package verifications, batch barcode printing and label printing, this new technology could help the market a lot and make the logistics of the industry simpler.

Other features include automatic print record storage, amendment of products and factory real time order receiving. It also is able to generate order reports at the same time that it stores factory information into the blockchain, enabling data to be tracked in real time.

The CEO of the Waltonchain company, Mo Bing, has stated that the company is quite fortunate to be in the position that it is and that they have applied for more than 20 patents over the last year preparing to use the blockchain technology in inventive new ways.

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