Wankcoin is a new token devised to be used in the pornographic industry. It is built on the blockchain and can be used in many porn sites and many stores of the adult industry. This company is currently having a sale of its WKC tokens.

The company already has some major partners like Wankz, Milf VR and XXX at Work.

What Is Wankcoin?

Wankcoin is a cryptocurrency that was specifically created to act as a digital coin that you can use to buy products and services from the adult entertainment industry. If you do not have options, safety or you want to be more anonymous while buying, Wankcoin is definitely a cryptocurrency that you should watch out for.

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This token was devised to enable you to buy without any type of worries. Your credit card will never be charged without authorization and lose your money. The purchases will be 100% secure because they will use smart contracts.

The Wankcoin WKC Token Sale

The company is currently having the token sale of the Wankcoin tokens. At the moment, you can buy 29,020 WKC tokens with 1 ETH, but the sale is only beginning, so there is plenty more to come. The current discount is 40% and whenever 200 million WKC tokens are sold, the bonus will diminish 10% until it reaches no discounts at all.

Wankcoin states that this sale is unlike many of the ICOs because the product already exists and it is currently being sold. This means that you can buy Wankcoin tokens and be able to spend them right now, as the company already claims to have a big user base.

The sale will mostly help the company in having financial backing and finding the resources to create new features and to opportunize the buyers to acquire the tokens with discount. A total of 2,000,000,000 WKC tokens will be created.

To buy, you need to use ETH and set up an ERC20-based wallet. After you configure it to accept Wankcoins, you can simply buy the tokens.

ICO Detail

Token Symbol: WKC
Token Sale Starts: MAY 7, 2018
Token Price: 29,020 WKC=1 ETH
Total Supply:2,000,000,000 WKC

The Wankcoin Conclusion

If you are interested in a cryptocurrency that you can use for porn and that has some potential for growth, it looks like you might be interested in Wankcoin. While not the most original idea ever, this cryptocurrency looks like it would be able to offer a properly decent service for the users that decide to buy with Wankcoin.

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