What Is Water To The World?

Water to the World is a project created to enable the capturing of water that is found in air in the form of moisture with a view to making it fresh water. The main aim of the project is to change humidity into useful water and provide it to places that need it the most.

The capturing will happen by use of a smart machine that is durable, powered by solar, energy efficient, and can easily be installed at any place around the world. The company will first develop the most basic version of the machine referred to as the Talaya 80, which will be usable in the provision of fresh water to be used for daily needs of a family of mainly four people. The machine will be easy to carry and setup by a single person.

How Water To The World Smart Machine Water Solution Works

The smart machine will be connected into an IOTA blockchain so that it will be easier to record the status of the machine and the parameters of production. Blockchain technology will also enable the recording and reporting of meteorological data at the place that the machine is located. Every smart machine collects and produces data that is transferred to an IOTA blockchain ledger.

A small fee is applied for the transfer of information by use of the platform's token. The total data transferred is then stored in a repository that is decentralized. Third parties like researchers who need access to the database will have to make a payment that is greater than that incurred for uploading the data.

Water To The World W2TW Token & ICO Details

The company's token will be issued during the Initial Coin Offering. The token is referred to as W2TW token and is a utility token. Holders of the token will be part of the platforms ecosystem and would have special rights including being able to view the environmental data that every smart machine produces. Token holders with proof of stake are given an opportunity to work together with owners of the smart machines in order to monetize the atmospheric data collected and sell it to research organizations, government agencies, and Universities in the entire world.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: W2TW
  • Token Sale Date: 03/01/18 – 05/31/18
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC and ETH
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 25,000,000

Token holders in the platform's ecosystem are given exclusive discounts when purchasing the machines. They are also given naming rights for smart machines that are donated to areas that need water the most.

Water To The World Benefits


The smart machines that the platform produces will be durable enough to stay longer and be able to withstand operating in harsh environments experienced around the world. This will ensure the user saves up a lot of money at the same time gets enough water for usage.


The machine produced will be designed for its operations to be simple in that anyone anywhere can easily use it even when they do not possess any technology skills. The machines will also be easy to carry around and install by users.


The platform concept behind the smart machine is scalability. It aims at producing portable machines of different ranges from the family size, village size and city size so that everyone can have access to water when need arises.

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