One of the hot topics these days is that of helping to conserve the environment. For decades, there has been a lot of damage inflicted upon the environment due to a variety of bad practices, including the widespread use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

In recent years there has been a widespread call for people to turn to greener alternatives in an attempt to help protect the environment. This includes the development of electric cars, as well as countries investing a lot more into renewable energy such as hydroelectricity, solar and wind power.

Countries across the world are committed to reaching certain targets that have been outlined for them in terms of green energy. Some significant countries are even saying they will be solely using green energy in the near future. The goal of the Watercoin is to promote hydroelectricity as it does not produce any form of hazardous material and is the most environmentally friendly way of producing energy.

There are many businesses that are even making decent profits by trading their excess generated energy from using hydroelectricity and selling it on the energy markets.

Cryptocurrency mining is an issue that has come to the fore in recent times due to the energy demands it has, with the total energy being used by miners being larger than that used by entire countries like Singapore.

Universal Brand is the company behind this token and their token will be unique to their platform.

What Is The Story With The WATERCoin WAT ICO?

Their ICO for the Watercoin WAT took place beginning on the 1st of December and it ended on the 14th of February.

The soft cap had been set at 10 million WAT tokens, with the hard cap set at 30 million WAT tokens. The price that was set for the token during the sale was 1 WAT token equalling $0.90. Both BTC and ETH were accepted forms of payment by the investors.

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