What Is WatermelonBlock?

WatermelonBlock is a platform operating on the NEM Blockchain. It seeks to simplify cryptocurrencies, ICO investments, and trading in a way that suits any particular lifestyle. The platform also seeks to distinguish itself from traditional investment analysis by being faster and smarter.

WatermelonBlock will address the challenge faced by investors, in which they spend a lot to time and resources trying to sort market data when they want to participate in cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

WatermelonBlock Platform Phases

WatermelonBlock’s implementation is split into two phases. Phase 1 provides users with real time insights that simply the trading and investing process while at the same time increasing transparency and reliability of the whole process. This phase utilizes algorithms and IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence.

Phase 2 will increase the speed of processing and analyzing information that would normally take humans thousands of hours to process. The second phase uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

How WatermelonBlock Crypto Market Trading AI Sentiment Works

WatermelonBlock acknowledges the fact that speculative markets such as the cryptocurrency market are driven by thoughts and opinions, which is the main reason why the platform mainly uses sentiments together with traditional analysis methods to provide insights into the market.

The platform integrates AI sentiments to monitor the current and future trends of the market through analysis of the impacts of negative or positive sentiments. To further analyze the market, it uses AI to monitor the social and global media, posts, and articles by influencers of the market. The AI then uses the Melon score to rank the sentiments of top cryptocurrencies and ICOs and in doing so provide investors with insights and analysis.

WatermelonBlock Mobile Application

Furthermore, the platform has a mobile application that has innovative features such as personalized Portfolio and WatermelonAlarm, Watermelon Index and MelonScore. The features are useful in making informative and accurate trading decisions. Information within the application is updated frequently to provide investors with current market information and news.

Users can make investments on the platform using the WatermelonBlock currency; in this case, the WatermelonBot will use the current market predictions to automatically invest on behalf of the users.

WatermelonBlock WMB Token ICO Details

The platform runs using the WatermelonBlock Token (WMB). The tokens offer investors with access to platform’s ecosystem that contains sentiment analysis tools and AI trading tools. Users can also pay for the subscription fees using the tokens. Tokens holders can view their tokens and use them through the digital wallet integrated within the mobile app.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: WMB
  • Total supply: 400,000,000 WMB
  • Token price: $0.116 = 1 WMB
  • Sale date: 27 July 2018
  • Accepted payment methods: Fiat currency and multiple cryptocurrency

WatermelonBlock Benefits


Using AI, the platform will be free from the control and biasness of any investors, groups or strategies.


After the completion of the ICO, the WMB token will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms therefore token holders can easily buy, sell or exchange the token.


The platform enables users to set their preferences regarding their investments and the WatermelonBot will optimize their investments as frequently as possible.

Working Product

WatermelonBlock is not a proof of concept of an idea, as it already has a working technology ready for release.

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