WavesGo is a new company that is aiming to bring blockchain technology to the masses. It’s also the founder and creator of the official Waves Blockchain Explorer. And with the Waves company, you can also use the platform to make your own virtual tokens and digital currencies, that can then be used to represent tangible assets in the real world or digital worlds as well. Once created, they can then be used for the purpose of exchange on the Waves DEX, AKA Waves Decentralized Exchange Platform. You can visit the official site of Waves Wiki to learn more.

What Is WavesGo?

The company has a multitude of different options available for helping you make money. And some of them are simpler and more effective than others apparently:

Easy and Simple To Use Waves Faucet:

Simply put this is how you can get smaller amounts of Waves and is great for getting started. In more detail though, the faucet system is simple, you just enter your email address, solve the captcha protection system, then click the button, so you can receive a random amount between the amounts of 0.0001 and 0.00001 Waves Tokens and WavesGo.

The goal is to keep the faucet system easy to operate and simple enough for anyone to use. If people attempt to abuse the system however, they make it clear that limitations on the faucet will be instated. And if you want to support the faucet, you can donate to it with the address on webpage. You can also create your waves address by using the online Waves Lite Client available here.

WavesGo Tokens:

Investing into the tokens is an easy way to become a part of the WavesGo project. The token is the fuel for the platform. The basic stats for the token are a; WGO Supply of 10,000,000 Tokens in total, with a WGO price of $0.0309004 per Token. With a distribution of tokens that is currently at 53% of it’s final number.

WGO is the official token name and operates the platform. It’s officially managed by the team at WavesGo and runs on the Waves Blockchain. You can find the actual WGO token at an address given on the company website.

The purpose of investing with the company isn’t only about contributing to the development of the WavesGo Project, as well as the waves Blockchain, but the purpose is also to provide holders with a new share of the capital created by WavesGo. This is also taking into consideration any new products that are being launched by WavesGo.

Not only that, but also the chance to have an impact on the projects through influence and make decisions related to them. Also, being able to improve the value of the WGO Token over an extended period of time. You can look at the Whitepaper on the company website to learn more about the company.

The WGO Tokens were distributed primarily over a three-month period, from April to July of 2017. And it was during that time period you were able to get WGO by simply holding the WCT, AKA Waves Community Token. And then further leasing of the Waves Token to the WavesGo LPOS Pool. And lastly being able to simply buy the tokens straight from the market with the Waves DEX or other used exchanges. There is also a link to the BitcoinTalk Announcement Thread on the platform as well.

The WavesGo Mining Pool:

This is how you can simply lease your Waves and get weekly dividends. The platform uses what is known as a Leased Proof of Stake or LPOS method for mining. And the technology allows you to ‘mine’ Waves then get paid for your time and effort without having to run any type of server, software, or expensive and high power consuming computer of any type.

To mine Waves, you need to lease the mining power to the company run WavesGo mining address. Your Waves apparently never actually are taken from your account. After this is done, the next step is to wait while you are continually eligible for receiving virtual assets and other bonuses from WCT for leasing your Waves to the company.

It’s essentially set up to be as easy as possible. You lease the tokens to the company and each week they send you a share of profits that have been gathered from the pool, depending on the amount you leased.

You’ll also need to leave your waves with them for a minimum of one week. And if you cancel before the week is up, you don’t have to pay any fees of any type. You’ll also get a proportion of them in direct accordance to amount of time you leased them. That means if you start to lease on Wednesday, on Friday you will receive two days of fees paid.

Ongoing And Upcoming ICOs:

The company is constantly getting involved in ICOs and Initial Coin Offerings that are essentially crowdfunding projects/campaigns designed for cryptocurrencies that anyone can invest into. The Waves platform is the ideal system for developing ICOs apparently because of the ease of use and ability users have to manage and even create digital tokens. It also has its own decentralized exchange that is integrated into the company, known as DEX.

There are currently 2 ongoing ICOs the company is involved with and 3 that are up and coming.

Who Is Behind WavesGo?

I wasn’t able to discover who the team behind the platform, the website is a bit hard to navigate and rather generic. The location of the company was also non-available. But there is a massive Waves Wiki that is in multiple languages and likely has all of this information on it.

WavesGo ICO Info

The ICO was completed in 2017, and tokens have since been fully distributed for the most part. You can still earn from the mining pool, faucet and exchanges.

WavesGo In Conclusion

The company sounds good, has a wealth of information. But I have no idea who the team is or where they are located. If that information was present, I would feel more assured recommending the company for the purpose of investments. But until that happens, I can’t recommend Waves entirely, it’s far to risky to invest or send money to an unknown company with an untraceable way to track the payment or currency sent.

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