What Is WaykiChain?

WaykiChain hopes to support a blockchain-based platform that will make use of the technology's decentralized nature to provide a secure and stable environment for gambling. With the WaykiChain system, users should expect to be less susceptible to corruption or other kinds of illegal operations usually associated with the betting industry.

Another highlight with Waykichain is that the guessing platform intends to incorporate the Waykichain Gaming app as the first decentralized app operating with a smart contract. The gaming experience will see the users bet on football, basketball, and other sporting events within Waykichain.

How WaykiChain Blockchain Game And Quiz Platform Works

The WaykiChain operates on a DPoS (Delegate Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism that has eleven accounting nodes. With the block creation through the protocol, users are open to an annual rate return of 5% in the first year. That will be in addition to the yearly increase of 1% in every year one remains a member.

On the part of betting, WaykiChain will trigger the process through using smart contract transactions that are present on the block browsers. If the player is successful, the initiator can publish the final results and oversee the sharing of the betting proceeds. Any betting bonus will be automatically available to the player's wallet after the release of the results.

WaykiChain WICC Token

The WaykiChain internal token is WICC and is used to participate on the platform. They recommend you use the official WICC wallet to store your tokens. The WICC tokens can be purchased with BTC and ETH on participating exchanges.

WaykiChain Benefits

  1. Introducing decentralized interaction to users
  2. Digital encryption designed that empower trust in betting
  3. Authenticity and transparency in the gaming information
  4. Presenting a just and fair system with gaming record available for scrutiny and checking purpose
  5. No third-party commission fees are available, and this gives the users a rate of return of almost 99%

WaykiChain Conclusion

The release of WaykiChain comes at a fortunate after the last finish of the World Cup 2018 from which could see it benefit with more users getting an interest in sports betting. And with the real-time betting possibilities could finally help the WaykiChain platform to provide a transparent way. Still, gambling on the blockchain is not the most effective of ideas to invest in while looking for opportunities in the different sector.

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