Have you ever heard of multi-level marketing? For many, multi-level marketing is a way to make money on the internet. Is it a safe way to make some money, though, or a scam? If you do not know very much about multi-level marketing, there is a good chance you are not completely sure because many people say that it is both of these things.

Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to review a new multi-level marketing company, Go Crypto Network, and we are going to tell you if it really is worth to use these programs or if you should just invest your time and money in other types of activities.

What Is We Go Crypto Network?

We Go Crypto Network is a multi-level company. The company’s objective is to spread the word about cryptocurrency around the internet and they will recruit you to do so. By registering in the company’s system and buying their software packages, you can become an “ambassador” and spread the word about cryptocurrency being the new great innovation too.

Of course, you are obviously going to be paid for it and that is the whole point. You get more people to register and then you will be paid a referral commission. They will look for more people and it keeps going on.

How Can You Invest In We Go Crypto Network?

To enter in the company, you have to make an investment first (or the whole process wouldn’t work, as you basically gain money by recruiting people). This investment is made in the form of a software that you can use to… recruit other people, basically.

The whole point of this scheme is that you gain nothing, really, by entering in this company except the opportunity to call more people to the group and then get your investment back and some profit. The people that you call will call more people and that’s it. Is this a scam? Not really. Is this profitable? Maybe.

Check The Prices Of The We Go Crypto Network’s Software:

  • Starter: $100
  • Bronze: $500
  • Silver: $1000
  • Gold: $3000
  • Platinum: $5000
  • Ruby: $12500
  • Diamond: $50000

With the starter pack, you gain a website and you can work for We Go Crypto Network. The most expensive packages offer a lot of things other like training, tools, etc. The Diamond package even automates the whole thing for you with the use of a bot.

Is it worth it, though? Maybe, but that really depends on you. We will talk more about this in the conclusion.

Is We Go Crypto Network Paying?

Unfortunately, it is actually pretty hard to know if this company is paying. It is probably paying something for referrals, as it is not a scam, but you have to be careful because you will only receive any money if you actually convince other people to spend it, so be really careful when dealing with this kind of company.

Is We Go Crypto Network Risky?

Yes. The level of risk goes from “somewhat risky” if you buy the cheapest package to “incredible and, actually, almost insanely risky” if you actually pay $50,000 USD for the Diamond package.

Not only there is the risk of you not being able to convince people to buy packages, but there are also other risks like not being paid and other problems with the company as it still a pretty new company and we do not have much information about it.

We Go Crypto Network Conclusion

We do not vouch for the We Go Crypto Network and should invest in this company at your own risk. Yes, working with this company can definitely be profitable, but you should really be careful with it. Multi-level marketing is far from a secure activity and there is the chance that you might end up losing money, so invest at your own risk.

If you actually decide to invest in this company, you should buy the Starter package. The most expensive ones are not really that useful and you can probably learn the marketing techniques paying way less money elsewhere. If you actually lose some money, at least it will be only $100.

Avoid the Ruby and Diamond packages. They are way too expensive and there is a huge chance that it will not compensate to invest in them.

We hope that you will always be careful when investing. Good luck.

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