Wealth Vault Crypto Finance

Wealth Vault is a pyramid scheme that promises to give you money “guaranteed with little or no work effort.” Find out how this scam works today in our Wealth Vault review.

What Is Wealth Vault Crypto Finance?

When someone tells you that you can make money “with little or no work effort” online, you’re probably being scammed. This appears to be the case with Wealth Vault, found online at MyWVCF.com. The company doesn’t just claim to pay you for no work or effort – it guarantees easy money.

The official name of the company is Wealth Vault Crypto Finance. The company claims to have developed a “fully automated” system that generates profits out of thin air. You get paid, then recruit other people to the scam to make even more money.

Wealth Vault Crypto Finance doesn’t appear to offer any real products or services. As far as we can tell, the company is exclusively selling memberships. When a company sells memberships with no visible products or services, that typically means it’s a pyramid scheme.

How Can You Make Money With Wealth Vault Crypto Finance?

Wealth Vault Crypto Finance guarantees that you’ll earn profits with no work required. Here are the key features of the company’s moneymaking scheme:

Fully Automated

Wealth Vault Crypto Finance describes their moneymaking system as “fully automated”. You start by paying $100 to the company. That money is split into two levels. You need to complete the two levels by recruiting other people into the pyramid scheme. At this point, you will be automatically upgraded.

Referral Commissions

Like most pyramid schemes, you earn a small commission by recruiting new people into the scam. A small portion of each member’s joining fee gets passed to you, while the remainder gets passed up to the top levels of the pyramid.

Crypto Education

Wealth Vault Crypto Finance has some cryptocurrency education programs where they promise to teach you the basic details about cryptocurrency. The course doesn’t appear to be very detailed. It seems to be similar to information you can find for free online. After signing up for the company, we could find no evidence that this course actually exists.

Progress Through Different Levels

Like all pyramid schemes, you progress through different levels. You pay the $100, and your payment is split into two levels. in the Wealth Vault Crypto Finance system, there are three packages, including Savings, Checking, and Trust. Everyone starts at Savings, then you’re automatically upgraded to the upper levels once you’ve recruiting enough people into the scam beneath you.

As you can see, Wealth Vault Crypto Finance doesn’t claim to offer any tangible product or service here. Instead, the company revolves around new memberships. The company also describes their system as “automated” and “guaranteed profits”, when in reality, the system revolves around you harassing friends and family to join the company. It seems like a lot of work to fill your part of the pyramid.

As “proof” the company works as advertised, the company’s “Payouts” page features three entries. Between June 25 and July 25, three people have received payouts of $100 USD in bitcoin. That’s it.

Meanwhile, when you visit the “Testimonies” page, it says “no record found.”

Who’s Behind Wealth Vault Crypto Finance?

Typically, when you see a scam as blatant as Wealth Vault Crypto Finance, the creators of the company refuse to disclose any information about themselves.

True to my prediction, the website’s “About Us” page features no information about the experience of the company, the names of the management team, or other information you want to learn before sending your money to someone over the internet.

Overall, the company refuses to disclose any information about itself online. We don’t even have a support email address or phone number to call. If Wealth Vault Crypto Finance hadn’t given you enough red flags at this point, this should be a big warning sign.

Wealth Vault Crypto Finance Pricing

It’s free to create an account with Wealth Vault Crypto Finance. After signing up, you’ll log in. The first thing you’ll see after logging in is an advertisement for an unrelated service. We saw an ad for another cryptocurrency scam called “PowerLine System” when we logged in.

Once you get past the ad, you’ll see new options on the main page – like surf ads, fund wallet, buy positions, and my positions.

If you want to do anything with Wealth Vault Crypto Finance, then you’ll need to spend money to buy positions in the pyramid. Positions include:

  • 2×2 Matrix: $25 to $50
  • 4×2 Matrix: $500 to $1000

You can only pay with PayPal or bitcoin.

Conclusion: Is Wealth Vault Crypto Finance A Scam?

Based on everything we can see online, Wealth Vault Crypto Finance appears to be a complete scam. The scam revolves around attracting newbies to the world of cryptocurrency – despite the fact that the company has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. Instead, Wealth Vault Crypto Finance revolves around referrals. The only “product” sold by the company is membership. Your job is to fill a pyramid with people who want to join the scam.

Ultimately, all signs point to Wealth Vault Crypto Finance being a pyramid scheme and a complete scam. At worst, the company will take your money immediately after signing up. At best, you’ll be forced to recruit friends and family into your scheme just to make a return on your investment. Contrary to what the Wealth Vault Crypto Finance website says, profits aren’t guaranteed or automated whatsoever.


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