Crypto technology has revolutionized the way the global economy seems to work. Not only can we now make investments, payments more easily, it has also become much more convenient to transfer money from one part of the world, to another.

About Wealthium

Wealthium is an all new ‘investment platform’ that has been made to empower people who are interested in using cryptocurrencies as a means of increasing their wealth. The platform is ‘decentralized + blockchain based’, and thus any transactions that are made on this network can remain protected and secure. Some of the other core aspects of Wealthium include:

  • Independent: this service has devised to help disrupt the traditional asset management industry so that more competitiveness (in terms of pricing, fees, hidden costs) is introduced in this area of economy.
  • Decentralized: the structure of this system is decentralized, and thus no one person has power over the information being relayed on this system.
  • Democratic: Wealthium runs on the wishes of all participating members. It is free of influence from 3rd parties such as governments, federal institutions etc.

Traditional Marketplace VS Wealthium

While ‘regular market’ exchanges feature archaic systems such as:

(i) Unreasonable fee structures on transactions (small or big).

(ii) Limited choices when it comes to different fund options.

(iii) There is a clear lack of transparency when it comes to bank dealings.

However, with ‘Wealthium’, users have the following advantages:

(i) This platform completely eliminates/ minimizes fees and other transactional burdens that we are faced with on a near daily basis.

(ii) There are a large number of choices available to users in terms of ‘Portfolio Strategies’.

(iii) Since Wealthium is based on the blockchain, it is fully transparent in terms of its dealings.

What Services is Wealthium Offering?

(i) WealthStore:

This is a marketplace that has been designed to help bring together ‘Investors and Portfolio Publishers’. At this point it would be beneficial to mention that a ‘Portfolio Publisher’ is basically an “investment advisor” on the company’s vwe own WealthStore.

(ii) Wealth Connect:

This is a unique ‘application framework’ that makes use of Smart Contracts and API’s to help connect users with the Blockchain and interface external networks. As a result of this, it allows Wealthium to become “an open network for exchanging investment intelligence.”

Token Details

The Wealthium Token is abbreviated as WTH. It is ERC-20 Ethereum based and has been created specifically for the Wealthium platform. The WTH token can be used for the payment of many services and subscribing to portfolio strategies on Wealthium. In total, there will be 40,000,00 WTH that will be made available for purchase to regular customers. In terms of a cap, there will be a limit of 5,000,000 WTH per person. From a pricing standpoint, we can see that 1ETH can buy us 350 WTH. Lastly, the minimum contribution has been set at 0.1 ETH.


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