Wealthman Review

What Is Wealthman?

Wealthman is a blockchain platform that can be used as a wealth management platform based in Russia. This platform has a stack of protocols and services that can help the user to create a wealth management service that is completely trustless because of the automation present in the system.

The platform has strong anti fraud features that allows the assets to be kept secure at all times by using both human regulators and robots that use artificial intelligence and automatic protocols to keep the users protected from any foul play.

On the long term, the vision of the company is focused on creating one of the most intelligent, fasted and safest wealth management platform by uniting blockchain technology, robots and humans with specialization.

How Wealthman Blockchain Wealth Management Service DApp Works

The Wealthman app is an ecosystem that converges wealth managers, data providers, investors and the technology necessary to connect them all in the same place. On this ecosystem, the investors buy and sell assets and fund the company while wealth managers are rewarded for their competence while managing the wealth of the investors.

The data providers validate the data transactions that are made on the blockchain and they are also rewarded for that. This creates an ecosystem in which all of the involved are concerned in giving something that will make the platform active and always going on while they also get rewards for their part on the system.

After this process, the result is the creation of a decentralized ecosystem in which nobody is actually in control and all of the involved are getting something for their efforts.

How does the manager actually manage the wealth? They use their knowledge to know to invest money and create a profitable portfolio by using the app of the platform. The managed assets can be accessed by the owner and he can oversee the whole process of investment.

The company uses a certain set of methods to determine if the robots and human managers are actually making a good job and getting their goals. This way, there is a constant demand for quality in the services and competition leads to the benefit of all the involved in the system.

By being decentralized, the company has anti fraud measures that do not allow any type of scam to be made by using the services of the company, so by using Wealthman and its group of managers, you will be protected.

Wealthman will enter Beta in October. The 3.0 version of the platform will be released in January 2019.

Wealthman AWM Token ICO Details

The company will have an Initial Coin Offering to offer AWM tokens in the future. The date of the ICO was still not 100% decided at the time of this report, neither their price. 65% of the tokens will be sold during the ICO process and 24% will be distributed to the team. Finally, 1% will be destined to bounties.

AWM tokens will be made using the ERC20 standard, so be sure to have an ERC20-compatible wallet when you decide to buy them and ETH to pay for them.

The Wealthman Team

The core team that has constructed this project is made of several talented people. They are Andrei Huseu (СЕО), Olga Pershina (CFO), Maya Epstein (Development Team Lead), Dmitriy Tyagunov (Development Team Manager) and Denis Kus (Software Engineer Manager).

Other key members of the Wealthman team are Anton Borzenko (Blockchain Architect), Leo Vasiliev (Front-end Developer), Eugene Matyushkin (Legal Team Lead), Ivan Timshin (Senior Lawyer), Nikita Tepikin (Lawyer For Intellectual Property), Irina Voronina (Project Manager) and Elena Ruzova (Junior Project Manager).

The main advisors of the company are David Drake (wealth and investment), Kirill Razgulyaev (blockchain), Dmitriy Khan (technical architecture), Paulius Stankevicius (global PR), Anand Vemula (IT and blockchain) and Nikita Harchev (strategy).

The investment partners of the company are Mera Capital, LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Media Group, ITMO University, Confideal, Stankevicius, ICO Law, Albrecht & Vitte, ACI Russia and Mockobckar.

Wealthman Conclusion

Uniting people and robots to optimize the way that investments are made during the management of portfolios is definitely a good idea. Wealthman looks like a company to keep an eye out for, as you might hear a lot of good things about it in the future.

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