Wealthy Blockchain Titan Brock Pierce Vows $1 Billion Donation To Charity

Who would give away one billion USD? Apparently, the cryptocurrency genius Brock Pierce. The former child actor turned business man, responsible for tons of successful video games is about to donate the massive sum of one billion USD. The video game designer who also became a cryptocurrency entrepreneur is about to do this. Not only is this one billion dollars Brock’s personal money, it’s also his entire net worth. To add to the amazing contribution, he’s pushing to raise more than he has and donate somewhere in the realm of $1.3 billion USD.

The donation will essentially put him back to zero, but according to the child star turned philanthropist, it’s no big deal. He’s already achieved and has everything he could possibly dream of. His total contribution will be determined by the market value of cryptocurrency.

He’s confident he will get everything back and more, and so are his friends and family. The guy almost never sleeps or eats according to his wife Crystal Rose.

Brock, serial entrepreneur is prepared for the contribution, it will be everything he’s amassed in his 37 years on the planet and more. This isn’t his first contribution however, as he’s known to give away everything he owns to those less fortunate.

His wife is in full support of his contributing behavior, as it’s just the way he is. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Other developments by the major mogul are new cryptocurrencies, ICOs, including Tether and EOS.

Like almost no one else, he’s ready to give back for the rest of his life. Far beyond that of what most people will do, his game is not that of promoting the self, he is more focused on growing other people. He’s literally going for broke, because that’s about everything he’s giving away and more. His purpose, to help the people in the world who can’t help themselves. At heart, Brock is a technical genius, philanthropist and humanitarian. Maybe his move will teach others to start thinking about giving more than taking.

Would you donate one billion dollars if it was all you had to helping make this world a better place? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, I would give all I have away, even a billion dollars or more. But I’ve been working in the non-profit sector for about 20 years, and I know that there are many irresponsible organizations out there that might mean well, but they are inefficient, ineffective, and make problems worse.

    I would want to create lasting impact or make sure that there’s a way to create a multiplier effect with the resources. For example, one of the greatest ROI could be in providing comprehensive early child care and education to the poorest neighborhoods, because when done right, it could break the cycle of poverty and improve other social ills such as crime, poor health…etc.

    Another example might be investing in improving public policy by countering the breakdowns in democratic governance that allow wealthy special interests to capture the policymaking process for their own benefit. Freeing the economy from regressive regulatory capture would create broader economic growth and decrease inequality.


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