Wealthy Washington Residents Subject to Lastest Bitcoin Scam Threats

New Crypto Scam Threats to Expose Information to Receive Bitcoin

We have already heard about the different scams that crypto scammers know in order to steal Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But there is a new method that is threatening people in a wealthy Washington suburb.

According to The Washington Post, some individuals are receiving letters that threat to expose the darkest secrets they have to their wives. The main problem here is that some of these investors do not even have wives.

This is part of a growing scam that aims to steal Bitcoin from wealthy investors in a way that is difficult to track. The FBI Washington Field Office spokesman Andrew Ames said that scammers operate in wealthy neighbors with the intention to fool a least one person.

For example, Jeff Strohl said that he received a letter from ‘GreySquare15’ that demanded a Bitcoin ‘confidentiality fee’ that was worth $15,750. Later he realized that it was a scam and commented about it on a community listersv. Then he realized that he was not the only person there receiving such letters.

There are different scams on the internet, and in the cryptocurrency world is no different. Stealers have created new interesting methods to steal virtual currencies from the community.

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