Social networks have accelerated over the last several years becoming an important part of our lives. The networks serve to connect people on many levels from different works and spheres. The networks user’s data have become valuable for advertisers who are looking for an audience that can purchase their products.

What Is WebAd?

WebAd is building a social platform based on blockchain technology that can be used by marketers, advertisers, and business owners to efficiently market their products, goods, and services via blockchain to their desired audience. The platform is an ecosystem that is designed to make online advertising easy, rewarding, and seamless for both users and business owners.

How WebAd Internet Advertising Cryptocurrency Works

The social platform fuels and rewards users. It is a platform where businesses can advertise with ease without the clutter common in social networks. Users also have access to businesses that are located close to them without anyone invading their privacy. While businesses especially micro, small, and medium enterprises will be able to reach customers around them with their unique products, which will help, grow their businesses.

The strategy used by webAd makes social media advertising less cumbersome with business ads and give business owners a dedicated platform for their business. The aim of the platform is to create an environment where businesses display their goods and services to a wide range of buyers. The audience also gets to choose the business or service they want.

Webercoin Advantages


Users will be able to advertise within and outside their location in one distinct feature.


Webercoin tokens will be used to pay for advertising on the WebAd platform

Business Platform

The platform will create a serene environment that will allow for business interaction.

Social Media

The platform will come up with a social media platform that will be based on blockchain technology.


Platform users will be rewarded once they become users of the platform.

Use Of Blockchain Technology

The platform will take finances away from the banking norm and will use decentralized technology and smart contracts, which will make advertising more affordable and transparent.

Ethereum Based

The use of Ethereum platform provides transparency for the success of the crowd economy and offers incentives for growth.

Tokenized Advertising

Webercoin will be the revenue source for the platform members as the digital coins will be the payment option for buying any advertising space.

Token For Internet

Webercoin is the future of advertising on the internet and the platform plans to be the premier method of advertising on multiple platforms.

Webercoin WBC Token ICO Details

The platform is offering members an easy way to earn rewards for the activities that benefit them. The platform is lowering the barriers to entry into the cryptographic token ecosystem. Webercoin is the token used on the webAd platform. This is the payment option that will be used on the platform by users that will contribute effectively and positively on the platform to help the business grow. 40% of the total token supply will be offered during the token sale. The coin will be valued at 1ETH=1737 WBC. The ICO date is set for 5th May 2018.

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